This week, TV host Wendy Williams suffered yet another health scare that forced her to take a break from her highly-successful show for several weeks. The daytime talk show host revealed that she was diagnosed with Graves’ disease and needs some down time to take care of herself.

But singer Chris Brown thinks it's karma being a b**ch, and blamed Wendy for her own actions. 

chris wendy
Singer Chris Brown attends The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards at the STAPLES Center on February 8, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

According to sources at Hollywood Life, the R&B singer thinks the 53-year-old media personality is the one who provoked her sad situation. Chris Brown, who has felt Wendy’s ire more than once, is struggling to feel bad for the TV personality as she goes on hiatus to manage her disease.

The source claimed: “Chris feels bad Wendy is suffering an illness, but he cannot help but think bad karma is to blame for her poor health. Chris has been the target of Wendy’s criticism and judgment many times over the years, so he has a hard time feeling too bad that she will be off the air for a few weeks. Chris is a big believer in the energy in the universe, and he thinks cosmic karma may be partly to blame for Wendy’s problems."

chris wendy
Media Icon Wendy Williams launches her apparel collection at the HSN studios on March 28, 2015 in St Petersburg, Florida. (Photo by Tim Boyles/Getty Images for HSN)

However, the source continued saying, "Chris feels that it is because Wendy spends so much time dissing him, and others, that she has gotten so sick. Chris thinks that when she recovers, Wendy will think twice before she continues to bully people on her TV show. Chris is hoping her struggles with her health will make her a nicer person on the other side.”

Prior to the revelation about Graves’ disease, the sassy commentator told fans in a video that she’s struggling with flu symptoms after Valentine's Day. “I had to be talked out of going to work today and taking off a few days to get myself together,” she explained. “I guess when you don’t take a sick day EVER in over 25 years the ground is supposed to shake! LOL.”

chris wendy
Chris and Wendy have had a lot of bad blood between them in the past. (Source: Getty Images)

Speaking of the Wendy cheating drama, Chris feels like it's some kind of a joke. 

“Chris is loving and laughing at the whole Wendy cheating drama. As far as he is concerned, it is a classic case of karma biting her on the ass. Wendy has publicly slagged Chris time after time, and he is sick of her holier-than-thou act. Has Chris messed up in his life? Yeah, of course, he has. He is human, and we all mess up. Chris cannot help feeling that Wendy has brought this messy situation on herself. She set herself up to be humiliated by judging others for all these years—and he does not have an ounce of sympathy for her.”

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