Cheryl shuts down claims that she and Liam pulled a stunt at the BRIT Awards to dispel rumors

Cheryl targeted rumors that her and Liam Payne are heading for splitsville with an angry message on Twitter.

                            Cheryl shuts down claims that she and Liam pulled a stunt at the BRIT Awards to dispel rumors

Cheryl is livid about claims that her red carpet appearance with baby daddy Liam Payne, their first since Baby Bear was born, was an act designed to dispel rumors that her relationship with the former One Direction singer is headed for disaster.

The singer and reality TV judge took to Twitter to air her frustrations on Thursday.

As you can see, Cheryl is fed up about the rumors that she and Liam have been arguing.

A source close to the couple told The Sun, "Liam and Cheryl held crisis talks about their future this week after he made a point of spending Valentine’s Day with her. They haven’t split but have addressed the fact they have work to do on the relationship and both want to work things out."

The source explained, "He is away a lot. She knew he would be away a lot for work but the actual reality is tough. She also wants to get back to work so that comes into it as well. They have a child together so have been trying to make it work for some time. There hasn’t been a big falling out or anything like that. They hope there is a way forward and that’s what they’ve been discussing."

Rumor had it that the ten-year age gap between the two singers was driving a wedge between them. A source told the same newspaper, "There’s a big age gap between them. If they didn’t have Bear then they would have most likely split up by now. But they love their son. And they do care for each other so it’s now a matter of seeing if there’s a final way forward to try and make it work."

However, all the accounts agreed that they were trying to make their relationship work. A simpler explanation for what seemed to be a rift was that Cheryl was keeping a low profile to take care of their baby, while Liam continued to promote his music. Cheryl reportedly wanted to take care of Baby Bear herself, without the help of a nanny, because of which she had not been seen at any public events.


Prince Charles, Cheryl, Helen Mirren, Getty
Prince Charles meets Cheryl and Dame Helen Mirren at St James's Palace in London. (Getty Images)

Cheryl was upset about the speculations about her relationship, and took to Twitter to draw attention to the center opened by her charity organization, Cheryl's Trust, that would would help thousands of underprivileged youth living in England's North East.

The trust, founded in 2016, has been collaborating with The Prince's Trust to help struggling youth find new opportunities and achieve their dreams.

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