CW's 'Charmed' has finally found its three sister witches. The power of three is finally complete!

The show is going to be "fierce, funny, feminist" and is centered around three sisters who discover that they are witches after the death of their mother. Let's meet the cast!

Madeleine Mantock

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Mantock has been cast to play the oldest sister, Macy. She is a geneticist who has been described as being driven, practical and brilliant. Macy is shocked by the discovery of her powers. Mantock has previously acted in shows like 'The Tomorrow People' and has starred in movies such as 'Into the Badlands' and 'Edge of Tomorrow'.

Melonie Diaz

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Diaz has appeared in shows such as 'Girls', 'Person of Interest' and Elementary. She will be playing the part of Mel, who is a lesbian and outspoken activist. Mel finds herself in turmoil after her mother's death. 

Sarah Jeffery

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Jeffery has been cast as the youngest sister Madison who is a college freshman. Her new sorority life is shaken up after she discovers her ancestry. 

Rupert Evans

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Evans has been signed on to play Harry who is described as a 'handsome, grandiose' professor who has a mysterious interest in the sisters. This has made fans speculate whether Rupert Evans is a Whitelighter who has been assigned to protect the witches. He has appeared in films such as 'Hell Boy' and 'The Boy'.

Ser'Darius Blain

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Blain is set to play Galvin, who is Macy's boyfriend. He is described as a filmmaker who is mellow, funny, and in tune with his emotions. Galvin is fully supportive of his career-driven girlfriend, basically making him #BoyfriendGoals. Ser'Darius Blain has previously starred in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

Fans of the show are excited about the reboot. But some seem to disagree with CW's plan to reboot a classic show. One person who was completely against the idea of the show's reboot was ex-'Charmed' actress Holly Marie Combs. The actress was not too happy with the idea of the show being rebooted.  

 Nonetheless, the filming of the show is still going to be followed, hopefully as per schedule. 'Jane the Virgin' producer Jennie Urman is spearheading the show and she is teaming up with Jessica O'Toole and Any Rardin for the script of the pilot episode. 

'Charmed' has been slated to premiere in late 2018 or early 2019.

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