We live in confusing times - one can never be sure if a photograph on Instagram is real, photoshopped or just a plain old makeup trick? Fans were put in a similar situation when Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby posted this picture.

(Source: Instagram)

The 27-year-old took to Instagram on Tuesday to show off some killer looking abs. She wore an itty bitty floral bikini bottom that left little to the imagination and paired it with a black sports bra that said "Dead" across the front. The mirror selfie, shows her kneeling on her super toned thighs, completing the look with a gold colored watch and a high ponytail. The rose tattoo on her hip was on partial display. 

She captioned the photo, "Show me where your love lies."

Some of her 6.1 million followers were, however, not convinced. They felt like this was the result of a really good contouring kit. One fan wrote, "Contoured your stomach!!! Tut tut this is exactly what girls don’t need to be seeing!"

Another user wrote, "Show the realness of your body not what you think your body should be looking like! Come on Charlotte that why your loved because you are so real! X"

One user hilariously called it a chiseling operation, writing "her tummy is like Holly’s too WUT is going on what is this chiseling operation I want it..... kinda lol"

(Source: Instagram)

She recently sent fans into a tizzy after she posted a photo a week ago with rumored boo Joshua Ritchie as the two laughed in bed, Ritchie shirtless and flaunting his super toned torso. 

Before that, she posted another selfie with the reality star and captioned it with a cryptic "9.2.18."

She really does seem to like to keep people guessing but hasn't clarified the latest mystery. What do you think? Contoured or no?

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