Celine Dion shakes a replica of her late husband's hand before each show

René Angélil has always played an important role in Celine's life and it so happens that even after his death, she still holds his presence close to her heart.

                            Celine Dion shakes a replica of her late husband's hand before each show

René Angélil has always been there for Celine and even two years after his death due to throat cancer, he still happens to be an important part of her everyday life. In an interview with Stellar Celine revealed that even though René is not with her anymore, she tries to live each day like he is.

Celine Dion and her husband Rene Angelil (Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty Images)

Prior to his death, Celine used to always shake René's hand as a belief of it being good luck and it so happens that she has been able to keep that ritual alive. There is a replica of his hand which has been cast in bronze and it is with the help of this that Celine is able to still feel the same amount of motivation and confidence that she used to get when René was alive.

“I shake my husband’s hand and knock on wood with him every night before every show,” she said in the interview. “Even after he’s gone, I still talk to him.” At the same time, Celine also makes sure that no one can take his place and in order to make that loud and clear, she makes sure to keep his traditional seat behind the sound mixing desk empty while performing at her residence at Las Vegas’ Caesars Palace. 

(L-R) Singer Celine Dion, holding her son Nelson Angelil, her husband Rene Angelil, holding their son Eddy Angelil, and their son Rene-Charles Angelil (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

René also served as Celine's manager for most of her career and throughout that, he had always pushed her to go forward and climb the mountain of success. “He taught me so much. He did a great job; what he had been giving to me all his life and all my life will always be with me,” Celine said. “He gave me his all. He mortgaged his house to pay for my first album. 

René had passed away in January 2016 and weeks after his death, Celine had returned to the stage and the sole reason for this was him. “My husband wanted me to go back onstage before he passed, that’s what he wanted the most,” she said. “So I went back onstage while he was still alive; he wanted to make sure I could keep going. So I did prove to him yes, I could keep going. I told him I’ve got the kids and that he’s got to trust me, he’s got to relax.”

In fact, Celine has the same plans for her birthday. The singer will be celebrating her 50th birthday on March 30 and plans on doing it with what she does best, that is, singing. She will be performing on the Colosseum stage at Caesars Palace while also planning a belated birthday bash with her children René-Charles, 17, and 7-year-old twins Eddy and Nelson. 

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