Carrie Underwood's face injury is inspiring her to write 'raw and emotional' music

Back in November 2017, country singer Carrie Underwood suffered a major fall just outside her home. Since then, she hasn't been seen in public and is reportedly working on new music inspired by her injury.

                            Carrie Underwood's face injury is inspiring her to write 'raw and emotional' music

Carrie Underwood's unfortunate fall in November 2017 resulted in 40-50 stitches on the right side of her face. The singer revealed in a moving New Year's post that she's still healing from the injury but didn't reveal how she looks now. According to various accounts, Carrie's face is visibly altered and the country music star isn't ready to show her face to the public just yet.

Fans who've been waiting to see their favourite singer might have to wait a while before they see her again. Carrie might make an appearance at the CMAs later this year but that means it will take more than six months before we see her again.

However, she's taken this time to work on a new album that's going to be painful, emotional and raw. A source said that Carrie has used music as an escape and is "trying to immerse herself in writing." The source added, "When Carrie is working, she goes into ‘the zone’ and forgets all her day-to-day problems — it’s almost like a form of meditation for her."

Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood uploaded this picture on Instagram after her fall. Source: Instagram

Carrie released her last album 'Storyteller' back in 2015 and perhaps some time off from the limelight will give her space to work on new music. The Grammy winner's new work of art will be "raw and emotional," the source said, adding, "She’s putting her heart and soul into it." 

Thankfully, Carrie does have her support system by her side during this tough time. Hollywood Life reported that her husband Mike Fisher has been motivating her to keep going. "Mike has been amazing. He’s giving Carrie all the time and space she needs to heal, but is there for her whenever she needs him," the outlet claimed. 

Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood at the 2016 CMT Music awards on June 8, 2016 in Nashville (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

The NHL player has indeed filled in for his wife while she's not been very active on social media. A few days ago, Mike dismissed rumours of trouble in their marriage by uploading an Instagram photo that included an excerpt from the Bible. The picture read, "Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way, everlasting."

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