Care home manager raped drunken woman in train toilet while wife stood outside cubicle trying to unlock it

Timothy Davies was sentenced to six years in prison and confessed that he told his wife not to come inside

                            Care home manager raped drunken woman in train toilet while wife stood outside cubicle trying to unlock it

A former care home boss who raped a drunk woman in a train toilet while his oblivious partner stood just outside the door has been found guilty of his charges by a jury.

Timothy Davies, 45, is said to have carried out the 2018 attack after tricking his wife Cheryl into thinking he was comforting the unwell victim while they were on the Southeastern service to Ramsgate from Canterbury, according to Kent Online.

He led the inebriated woman into a toilet, where she drifted in and out of consciousness, and raped her as she became nauseated. At one point, he even called out to Cheryl to prevent her from entering the cubicle.

"I told my wife she was being sick because I didn't want her knowing I was having sex with another woman," he admitted to the jury at this week's trial at Canterbury Crown Court.

The statement came after Davies, formerly a manager of Margate's Durham House, run by Ethelbert Children's Service, took to the stand to insist upon his innocence.

He said he was "embarrassed for cheating" on his wife but had "no idea" why the victim wanted him behind bars because it was she who "initiated sex" moments after she fell ill.

Despite his claims that the sex was consensual, CCTV footage from the train played for the court showed him leaving the row of seats where he was sitting with his wife and escorting the drunk woman to the toilet.

After they enter the cubicle, Cheryl can be seen pacing up and down the carriage, seemingly looking for her husband. She even stands outside and tries in vain to unlock the door as the attack unfolded.

"She was incapacitated in that toilet cubicle, wasn't she?" prosecutor Christopher Hewertson asked Davies. "She was completely out of it, she was completely vulnerable."

Recalling the horrific incident, the victim, who also testified at the trial, said, "I just felt really sick and disorientated and dizzy. I didn't ask him to, I remember saying to him 'I know you know what you did' (at the train station) and ran away."

She said her life was thrown into turmoil after the attack and was made to feel as if the rape was her "own fault". She said she had been left suffering panic attacks, uncontrollable crying, and stress-related fits, and that giving evidence against him in court had been the "toughest experience" in her life.

The jury unanimously convicted Davies of rape, and he stared straight ahead clenching his jaw as he was sentenced to six years in prison.

Handing down the sentence, Recorder Stuart Trimmer QC said, "her life was turned upside down because of these five minutes inside the toilet cubicle. Not only did you do it you called out to your wife outside, while she was being sick. While those words were being uttered you were having sex with the drunken woman."

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