Can former President Barack Obama rock a beard? You decide

A photo has been floating around of Obama sporting a salt-and-pepper beard. The viral photo has led many people to believe the ex-president grew a full beard.

                            Can former President Barack Obama rock a beard? You decide

Former President Barack Obama once again came into the limelight on social media for a very unusual reason. A photo posted on Twitter showed the erstwhile president sporting a rugged beard and led many to believe that Obama had joined the recent #BeardGang movement. 

Former President Barack Obama with a beard. (Source: Facebook)

One user said, “WHAAAAAAAT?!!?! Obama grew a beard?” 

Twitter user Tiffany Fernandez said, “While folks are playing games, Obama’s out here infiltrating & dominating the whole beard gang and looking like “The Most Interesting Man In The World.” #StayThirstyMyFriends." 

Of course, while many were awestruck with Obama's new facial hairstyle, the bubble burst sooner than later when they realized that the image was simply photoshopped.

“I don’t like Obama with the beard he’s been given on Twitter. If he’s going to have a beard, give him a better one,” user Broderick Greer said. 

The image which was altered is originally from a September 2017 speaking engagement where Obama spoke at the Goalkeepers conference, organized by Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda.

Obama left the White House more than a year ago, and many of his supporters have pushed him to sport a salt-and-pepper, post-presidential beard. However, the former president has stated on multiple occasions throughout his presidency that he physically cannot grow a full beard and thus chooses to remain cleanly shaven. 

Former first Lady Michelle and former president Barack Obama are introduced at the inaugural Obama Foundation Summit on October 31, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

GQ magazine had published an article in the last week of Obama's term as president titled “Let’s Help Barack Obama Choose His Retirement Beard”. The feature constituted various looks that would suit the erstwhile commander-in-chief.

The beard photo has been heavily shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter. 

Former president Barack Obama speaks to a gathering of more than 50 mayors and other guests during the North American Climate Summit on December 5, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois.  (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The morphed image of Obama was first released by entertainment website The Shade Room on February 9. When the artwork reached Twitter, users went into a frenzy sparking several debates whether the beard really suits him. The Shade Room is known to imagine notable celebrities with full beards, allowing users to vote for who qualifies to join the #BeardGang.

Most of Obama's fan following wasn't too fond of his fake facial hair. One user on Twitter wrote: "President Obama looks terrible. Some of us can't rock a beard, Barry. Sorry for your luck."


Just recently, the National Portrait Gallery unveiled a portrait of Obama, created by artist Kehinde Wiley, on Monday morning.

Obama's portrait was a huge hit among well-wishers as well as critics who said that the work was spot on in portraying the former president's persona. The painting by Wiley is a seven-foot-tall portrait sitting in a field of flowers, including chrysanthemums, the official flower of Chicago; jasmine, a tribute to Obama’s childhood in Hawaii; and African blue lilies to symbolize Obama’s late father who was from Kenya. 

Barack Obama stands next to his portrait at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery on February 12 in Washington, DC (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

In the same ceremony, Baltimore-based artist Amy Sherald unveiled the official portrait for former first lady Michelle Obama.

While many Twitter users deemed the portrait "elegant," others thought that the portrait did not look anything like the former first lady of the United States.

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