California dad tied and left 7-year-old son at home for 10 hours forcing him to hop around and eat from trash

The man constantly tied the boy up with zip straps whenever he went out and used to beat him with a cord

                            California dad tied and left 7-year-old son at home for 10 hours forcing him to hop around and eat from trash
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BAKERSFIELD: CALIFORNIA: A father was arrested after being accused of tying up his 7-year-old son with zip ties for up to 10 hours at a time when he used to go out of the house for work. 

According to the Kern County Sheriff's Office, William Davis, 32, was arrested and charged with child endangerment. false imprisonment and torture after neighbors in Bakersfield saw the victim hopping on Saturday, June 20, for a long time as his feet and ankles were tied with zip ties before he fell over. The police responded to the location after receiving reports of a child in distress and rescued the victim, whose name has not been revealed.

Detectives from the Special Victims Unit were called in after the first responders found the child bound around 9.30 am at a home on the 100 block of Beardsley Avenue. the investigators searched the home but could find no adult inside, meaning that the child was left unsupervised. After launching an investigation into the matter, the authorities discovered that Davis carried out brutal abuse of the child behind closed doors on a repeated basis, including binding him with zip ties for an extended period of time, KBAK reported. Investigators also found that the father beat his son on multiple occasions with a cord.

"Through the investigation, it was discovered the juvenile was consistently bound by his father and locked alone in the residence while the father went to purchase marijuana or went to work for up to 10 hours at a time," the Sheriff's Office said. "While at home, the father would repeatedly strike the juvenile with an unknown type of cord. It was determined that the juvenile lived alone with his father at the residence." 

The neighbors told the police that they had also noticed the child rummage a nearby dumpster for scraps of food at times. One of them even provided the boy with a meal in the past. "If you find out there’s a little boy eating out of a trash can, doesn’t that give you a red flag? There’s something going on. He’s not being fed right. Then go and find out what’s going on inside of that home," a neighbor said to KBAK. 

"I can’t let this go. It’s not right. It’s a little boy," the neighbor said. "He fell down and I looked at him. I went over and he couldn’t get up. He had his feet tied with straps and his hands behind also, also with straps. So I went over there, picked him up, brought him over this way and called the Sheriff." 

Neighbors added that they had reported the father to Child Protective Services weeks ago but no action was taken against him. After being taken into police custody on Tuesday, Davis was booked into Kern County Jail.

Earlier this month. we reported that a six-year-old boy in Arizona was allegedly locked inside a cupboard for a whole month as a punishment for stealing food. He weighed just 18lbs and starved to death, an autopsy reveals. The child's parents, 26-year-old Elizabeth Archibeque and 23-year-old Anthony Martinez, and grandma, Ann Martinez, 50, were all charged with first-degree murder, kidnapping, and child abuse.

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