"Run your first mile", British Vogue's 'new face of wellness' has some superb bit of advice

Adrienne Herbert was recently named by British Vogue as "new face of wellness" and she talks about her experience and her motivation in an exclusive interview

                            "Run your first mile", British Vogue's 'new face of wellness' has some superb bit of advice

It is always hard to take that first step when you are making a comeback to a healthy regime that you had abandoned in the past, but Adrienne Herbert will make it look like an easy task for you.

Named as the "new face of wellness" by British Vogue, 30-year-old Adrienne has been able to prove that if people set their mind on something, nothing can stop them. However, it wasn't always an easy journey for her. 

Opening up about her journey on her blog, Adrienne recalled the first time she decided to get back to running.

It all dated back to 9 months after she gave birth to her adorable son, six-year-old Jude.

"I was wearing a pair of old trainers, my shorts didn’t have a pocket so I was carrying my iPhone in my hand, and I got an agonizing stitch about three minutes in. My run turned into a jog and I managed to get through about a mile and a half. I walked in through the front door and I felt defeated, I thought that maybe running wasn’t for me," she wrote on her blog.

However, something in her told her that she needed to give it another shot and that is exactly what she did. 

Since a young age, Adrienne had been proactive and that motivated her to push herself (Instagram)

"Six years and hundreds of miles later," she proudly calls herself a runner and this dedication is exactly the reason why she was chosen by Vogue.

When Adrienne was asked how she felt about being named as the new face of wellness, the lifestyle blogger could not contain her excitement. 

"I was unbelievably happy to be named 'a new face of wellness' by British Vogue," she said. "I mean c'mon, it's Vogue! I have a pretty impressive Vogue collection, that goes back as far as my college days, over ten years ago, so I was honored to be featured. I think this feature is an example of how wellness and fitness are impacting pop culture. There is much more of an emphasis now, on wellness and health within the fashion industry and mainstream media. It's great that this huge influential publication is championing living an active lifestyle over fad diets and quick fixes." 

Since a young age, Adrienne was always up and active and did not let anything bring down her energy. She had a keen interest in dancing and athletics, and these activities kept her fit.

"I trained to be a professional dancer and performed in musicals in the West End, so I guess I've always trained my body, even before I really got into fitness," she said. 

She was recently named as new face of wellness by British Vogue (Instagram)

"Years later when I became a personal trainer, I really wanted to help other people, particularly women and new mums, to experience the benefits of being active. The fitness industry can be very intimidating so I wanted to show a fun and accessible way to stay fit."

In fact, Adrienne does not hesitate in encouraging her son Jude in being up and active and does so in her own way. 

"I think when it comes to kids, they learn so much from us parents, we are their role models. I encourage Jude to be active by making it fun. He loves to be outside on his scooter or his bike, so often we scoot to school in the morning. My top tip for getting kids active is to let them try anything and everything from dance classes, karate, and gymnastics to swimming, tennis, and football. Help them to find something that they really love." 

Along with spending time with her son and keeping herself proactive, Adrienne also has a blog in which she posts about her workouts and how people can keep themselves fit. However, there were many reasons as to why she decided to start her blog and among them was to keep her mind busy. 

She encourages her son Jude to stay fit by engaging him in playful activities (Instagram)

"I was inspired to start blogging in 2015, for a number of reasons," she said. "To be totally honest, I wanted a new project to keep my mind busy, the previous year had been a tough one so I wanted to focus on something fun. My son Jude was starting nursery so I had more time to work."

She felt that blogging could help her reach out to more people and give them a tip or two on fitness and what it means to her.

"I thought that a blog would be a great way to share information about my fitness classes and boot camp that I was running at the time, as well as sharing my ideas, recipes and training tips. Since then my blog has become so much more than that. I pour my thoughts, feelings, and passion into that little online space. Writing a blog has brought so many amazing opportunities and wonderful friends into my life too." 

Her love for fitness was also shared by two of her friends, Hayley Jane Warnes and AJ Odudu, who are also fitness bloggers. The three of them together decided to give rise to  GetToKNOW, "a community and network for women in the creative industries." They had a lot in common and it led them to come together on a platform to encourage other women to come forward. 

She started blogging as a way to inspire others to stay fit (Instagram)

"We shared similar frustrations when it came to career, freelance life, managing our busy schedules and the ever-changing landscape of social media," Adrienne said.

"We felt that we needed to bring our networks together and also to support other women along the way too. Since launching GetToKNOW, the response has been incredible."

Even though GetToKNOW just came about last year, till date it has managed to host a " series of panel discussions, workshops and meet ups". 

In the words of Adrienne, "GetToKNOW has become a tribe of badass women with big ideas!"

On the other hand, there is no doubt that Adrienne, who recently ran her first ever marathon in London, is a badass woman herself. When she first decided to run a marathon, she knew she had a lot to put in but that did not shake her spirits. Keeping her head high and aiming at the goal, she was able to achieve what she wanted to. 

"Taking on my first marathon was a truly life-changing experience! It was harder than I ever could have imagined," she said. "The three months of training really taught me a lot about myself. I was a lot more disciplined and focused than I'd ever been before, and I now try to apply that same laser focus to other areas of my life too. After crossing the finish line in London, I vowed I'd never do it again. However, fast forward a few months and of course, I am training for my second marathon, this time I'll be taking on Berlin." 

She recently ran her first marathon (Instagram)

While Adrienne happens to have her feet on the go, always, some of us might find it hard to get up and hit the gym or start a workout session. Some people like to call it "Monday Blues" but for this fitness blogger, that word does not seem to exist and she doesn't believe there is such thing as "Monday Blues".

"To be honest, I've never really understood the Monday blues, I don't believe Monday is any different to any other day, it has no magic power," she said. 

"As it's the start of a new week, I guess you could view it as a chance to reset and restart. But ultimately, each day is what you make of it."

Along with keeping her followers updated and keeping fit, Adrienne has another responsibility on her shoulders -- the role of being an ambassador for Adidas. She believes that the experience has been brilliant and has paved the way for her to know the brand a lot more than others have. 

"Being an ambassador for Adidas is brilliant. I've learned to so much about the brand over the last two years and I'm proud to be a part of the Adidas team," she added.

"They are a brand that truly believes in women! They champion women in sport as well as celebrating diversity. As an ambassador, I am a part of a community of women around the world. We are a collective of runners, yogis, boxers, dancers, DJ's, athletes and storytellers. Adidas supports us as we share our message and our passion. I lead group workouts and events, host talks & run races around the world."

She hopes to achieve a lot more in the coming days (Instagram)

But this is not where her ambition ends as Adrienne feels that she has a lot more to conquer. She often makes jokes about it stating that her ambition is as big as her hair. With a second marathon waiting for her around the corner, Adrienne is aware that it is going to be a huge personal challenge, both mentally and physically but that is not something she is afraid of. 

Along with reaching her personal goals, Adrienne is planning various motivational talks through which she can share her ideas and message of encouragement with as many women as possible. She has already managed to shape the lives of her 23.6K followers and we sure do believe there are going to be a lot more who feel inspired by Adrienne.

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