BGT judges Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon have a girl's night out with McPartlin's ex-wife Lisa Armstrong

A split in the Britain's Got Talent family has Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon supporting and comforting Ant McPartlin's ex-wife, Lisa Armstrong.

                            BGT judges Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon have a girl's night out with McPartlin's ex-wife Lisa Armstrong

Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon, judges from the reality tv show, Britain's Got Talent, have reportedly been giving some words of advice to Ant McPartlin's ex-wife, Lisa Armstrong. Considering these two judges work with make-up artist Lisa, it is only natural that they feel a kinship towards the woman who was scorned by Ant, even though he too, is a close friend.  

Alesha and Amanda even took a heartbroken Lisa out for drinks after their filming sessions to give her some tips and help her through the tough times.  

41-year-old Lisa has been working on Britain's Got Talent for a while and has reportedly been looking rather drawn and exhausted when she arrives at the set for filming recently. Sources say that she has been getting a lot of love and support backstage from Amanda and Alesha. The Sun quotes these sources as saying, "Despite being close pals with Ant, Amanda and Alesha have been a real support." 

Lisa is currently in the middle of a crazy divorce with one of the co-hosts of the show, Ant. She feels like she has been abandoned by many of the couple's common showbiz friends but the stellar ladies have been there with her and for her. Despite being very close friends with Ant, the two women have lent Lisa a shoulder to cry on as she deals with the divorce.

As reported by The Sun, "They’ve had a couple of late nights sat up chatting and helping her take her mind off things."

Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong (Source: Pinterest)

Ant seemed to be in a bad mood and looked as though he was being told off by Amanda at last night's ausitions for Britain's Got Talent. Neither Ant nor Amanda seemed too pleased about the conversation and the situation looked tense. The pair has been working together on the ITV show since the year 2007 and have never really had a tiff such as this one at any point. The sources present at the The Lowry Theatre in Salford where the next season's auditions are being held seemed pretty shaken up about it.  

Amanda was dressed in a white floor-length gown and she also wore a peplum white jacket on top looking absolutely stunning as she channeled her frustration and anger towards a newly-single Ant. She appeared to be quite upset even as her face looked unclear and contorted. Meanwhile, a source close to Ant has allegedly revealed that everything is pretty smooth between the two. 

According to the source quoted by the Mirror, "Amanda and Ant are just chatting. This picture was taken while they were posing on front of hundreds of fans and press. There simply wasn't any form of heated discussion whatsoever." Ant's representative even went as far as to call the whole affair "absolute rubbish," further adding, "Ant and Amanda were not having any form of argument. They were literally having a conversation."  

Last month, Ant had announced that he and his wife of 11 years, Lisa, were going to separate. 

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