Brie Bella shares photograph of her post-pregnancy body 9 months after giving birth

WWE Star, Brie Bella, celebrated her post-pregnancy body by posting a photograph 9 months after giving birth with the intention of spreading the message of body positivity.

                            Brie Bella shares photograph of her post-pregnancy body 9 months after giving birth

Total Diva's Brie Bella is celebrating her post-pregnancy body and is attempting to encourage other women to do the same. She gave birth to her baby girl, Birdie Joe, almost 9-months-ago and she is now ready to show women exactly what her body looked like post-partum. 

Bella is currently 34-years-old and took to Instagram to post a picture of her torso while she sported a black Birdie Bee bra and low-cut gray sweatpants.

The photograph was uploaded with the following caption, "9 months postpartum #BeeConfident #BeeYou #LetsBeeBOLDtogether @mybirdiebee#mybirdiebee."

(Source: thebriebella, Instagram)

The WWE wrestler gave birth to her daughter last May whom she shares with her husband and WWE Smackdown general manager, Daniel Bryan. Last December the reality TV star revealed to Mini Magazine that she expected her pregnancy to be a smooth and easy one given that she was an athlete.

(Source: thebriebella, Instagram)

As reported by People, she said, "It was the complete opposite of what I expected,” referring to her delivery.

“I was 10 days late and had to be induced. I thought I could labor naturally, but after nine hours, I couldn’t handle the pain. After 21 hours of labor, it ended in an emergency C-section. Birdie had a 14-inch head!. Even though it wasn’t the birth experience I had in mind, I’m so happy Birdie came into this world safely."

When she was asked about how she picked her daughter's name, she said, "My husband’s only request was that we name all of our children with B names. His whole family are B’s and I’m a B, so he really wanted our kids to be B’s. From there, we wanted a nature-inspired name and that’s how we decided on Birdie. Her middle name is Joe after my grandfather who meant the world to me."

Many of her fans and followers were inspired by her post and many responded in favor of it.

One user commented, " Beautiful picture!!" while another user said, " Thank You for being real."

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