Brendan Cole reportedly axed from Strictly Come Dancing after asking Camilla Parker Bowles for a dance

Brendan Cole reportedly asked to leave the show after he asked the Duchess of Cornwall to dance with him during the Buckingham Palace tea party.

                            Brendan Cole reportedly axed from Strictly Come Dancing after asking Camilla Parker Bowles for a dance

Brendan Cole had announced that he would not be returning to Strictly Come Dancing last month and left many in shock. However, according to The Sun, this particular decision was made by BBC and team after Brendan failed to abide by the rules that had been laid down for everyone before visiting the Buckingham Palace tea party. 

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, President of the National Osteoporosis Society, dances with 'Strictly Come Dancing' professional dancer Brendan Cole  (Photo by Gareth Fuller - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

The report states that the BBC chiefs and show judges were not really happy with the attitude that Brendan portrayed during the festive special. A source who is closely related to the show told the newspaper, "It was the last straw, they saw he couldn’t be controlled.” 

Camilla Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall, had met the dancers as part of the show's Christmas special. Prior to the meeting, everyone had been given strict rules that had to be followed before meeting her but it looks like Brendan did not feel obliged to follow them. 

Prior to this, it is reported that the bosses of the show were not happy with how Brendan chose to behave on the show and his recent breach of protocol seemed to be the last straw for them. "The event had been very carefully orchestrated, largely due to Craig’s friendship with Camilla — and everyone, in­c­luding Brendan, had been given an extremely clear briefing," a source said. 

He has denied these claims (Photo by Gareth Fuller - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

"It was a tea dance in aid of an osteoporosis charity encouraging older people to stay active and each of the professionals was to pair up with the guests while Craig danced with Camilla," the source continued. "But Brendan being Brendan had to make it about him and ignored everyone and made a beeline for Camilla — who politely didn’t cause a scene."

It is believed that everyone thought Brendan did so for attention and it wasn't something that was applauded by others. "Everyone was outraged by the cheek of his actions, he always has to be center of att­ention," the source said. "It was the final straw for everyone involved with the show and the BBC. They just realized he couldn’t be controlled.”

Brendan even posted a snap on his Instagram which was taken while the two seemed to enjoy the dance. "I love this. I asked the delightful Duchess of Cornwall if it was ok to ask her to dance? Luckily she said yes," he wrote. "What a charming host and wonderful day." 

Despite these claims, a spokesman for Brendan told Mirror Online: "I can confirm that these assertions are absolute, categorically untrue. There was no such brief from BBC."

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