Woman caught trying to suffocate her 68-year-old mother in hospital says she was 'tired of looking after her'

The 32-year-old woman was filmed by other patients in the hospital putting her hand on her 68-year-old mother's mouth; she has been charged with attempted murder

                            Woman caught trying to suffocate her 68-year-old mother in hospital says she was 'tired of looking after her'
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A woman has been arrested after she was filmed trying to allegedly suffocate her elderly mother, who was recovering in a hospital, by putting her hands over her mouth and nose.

Luciana Paula Figueiredo, 32, was apprehended by authorities after other patients at Dr. Carlos Macieira Hospital in Sao Paolo recorded her seemingly trying to kill her mother, Ana Benedita Figueiredo, in her bed, according to local reports. In the disturbing video, Luciana's hand can be seen covering Ana's face and mouth. The elderly woman is breathing heavily, but her daughter doesn't seem to care. On a closer look, it appears as though the 32-year-old is pushing up the bedding in a bid to stop her 68-year-old mother from breathing.

Ana even weakly lifts her hand at one point in a desperate bid to stop her daughter, but to no avail.

Luciana was reportedly arrested at the scene and charged with attempted murder, with sources from the Civil Police revealing that their initial investigations had suggested she tried to kill her mother because she was tired of looking after her.

They are also said to be investigating if she tampered with her mother's medication after they found a syringe in one of her bags.

"We have information on what motivated this criminal act being the daughter being tired of taking care of an elderly mother, who has several health problems," said Local superintendent Carlos Alessandro. "And according to what was passed on by the on-duty officer, this could have been one of the causes of this very serious criminal act against the mother, committed by her daughter."

Alessandro said that, during questioning, Luciana had claimed she had a "normal relationship" with her mother and had "put her hand on her mother's mouth with a different aim, that it had nothing to do with killing her."

The 32-year-old's defense team has said that their client has "borderline personality disorder" and "panic syndrome" and has asked for a mental insanity incident to be brought into the case.

"Before the case, she was already undergoing medical treatment. We ask that she continue her treatment at a suitable establishment. If it doesn't continue, it could make her condition worse," they said.

Judge Janaina Araujo de Carvalho has ordered that she be kept in preventative prison and that she undergo a biopsychosocial evaluation.

Ana was admitted to the hospital on January 19 after suffering a pulmonary embolism, a condition where one or more arteries in the lungs become blocked by a blood clot. She was taken to the intensive care unit after the incident and her current condition is unclear.

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