Liar, liar! We've got yet another wild piece of gossip flying around. According to multiple sources, Brad Pitt's mom is begging his ex-beau Jennifer Anniston to get back with him!

According to a very shocking reveal by Radar Online, the news of Jennifer and Justin Theroux sent Brad's mom Jane over the moon.

An online gossip site alleges that Brad' mom wants Jennifer Anniston back in his life (Getty)

“This is what she’s dreamed of for over a decade — she never lost faith and has stayed in touch with Jen for years,” the source apparently said.

Jennifer's recent divorce from Justine Theroux sent Brad's mom over the moon. (Getty)

Jane and Jen are apparently still in touch, the source revealed. The source said that the two “are both pretty old school and write long letters to each other a couple of times a month.”

Jane and Jen are still in touch (Getty)

But news of Jennifer's breakup lit a new fire in Jane's heart. The source said, “Jane and the whole Missouri-based Pitt family haven’t been disrespectful about Jen and Justin’s marriage, but once it became apparent things wouldn’t work out they actively pushed Brad to get back in touch. Now they’re determined to see them back together for a second chance.”

A lot of fake gossip surrounded Brad and Angelina. (Getty)

However, online gossip buster Gossip Cop says it a little differently. According to their source, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt haven't seen each other in years. Even though they exchange friendly texts on occasion, it doesn't look like the two will be starting a fiery romance anytime soon.

This is not the first time misinformed gossip has been spread about Jennifer and Brad. Previously, many sites have claimed that the Jennifer wanted to get back with Brad, following word of his divorce. #FakeNews, anyone?

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