All Bollywood fans were shocked to learn about the death of beloved actress Sridevi on Saturday, February 24. At the time, it was reported that she died of a cardiac arrest while she was in Dubai, attending the wedding of her nephew Mohit Marwah, however, her recently released autopsy report narrates a different story.  

According to the autopsy, the actress, who had some amount of alcohol content in her blood, died of drowning in the bathtub of her hotel room in the Jumeirah Emirates Towers hotel in Dubai. Reports suggest that she was found in an unconscious state by her husband Boney Kapoor. However, the timeline of when the Bollywood producer found her and when he reported it to the medial authorities has raised some questions.  

Sridevi was attending the wedding of her nephew in Dubai (Instagram)

Boney, who was in Dubai along with his wife and their youngest daughter Khushi Kapoor, had reportedly gone back to Mumbai, India, after the wedding functions were over. However, he came back to their hotel room around 5.30 pm to "surprise" a sleeping Sridevi and suggested they go for dinner together in an approximately 15-minute-long conversation. 

The 54-year-old actress, whose blood contained "traces of alcohol," went into the washroom to get ready for the dinner date, when, she allegedly fell into the bathtub, lost consciousness and drowned. Boney, upon realizing that his wife is taking too long to come out, forced the bathroom door open, only to find her lying unconscious in the bathtub. 

Jhanvi Kapoor, Actress Sridevi Kapoor, Boney Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor attend the 'English Vinglish' premiere during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival at Roy Thomson Hall on September 14, 2012 in Toronto, Canada. (Getty Images)

This is when the story gets tricky. After finding his wife passed out in the bathtub filled with water, Boney tried to revive her and upon realizing that it wasn't helping, he called a friend over, instead of reaching out to the hotel staff requesting for medical backup. 

"He tried to revive her and when he could not, he called a friend of his. After that, he informed the police at 9 pm," said a source quoted by the Khaleej Times

Despite finding the body around 7.30 pm, Boney and his friend refrained from requesting the hotel lobby for medical assistance or the police until 9 pm. At this point, the Dubai police and the paramedics arrived at the scene but were unable to revive her.

Her body was then taken to the General Department of Forensic Medicine for an autopsy, which was completed on Sunday evening, has determined the cause of her death as "accidental drowning." 

This report also has many speculating foul play in her death, especially considering she was sober enough to take part in a 15-minute conversation with her husband and prepare for a "dinner date". Despite the "alcohol traces," she could not have been too drunk to fight for her life when water started entering her lungs upon drowning in the tub. However, it is the delay that Boney made in informing the police that has sounded off most alarms.

Meanwhile a conflicting report by Khaleej Times suggests that after Sridevi reportedly had "a fainting spell in her bathroom," she "was immediately rushed to Rashid Hospital in Dubai," where she was declared dead on arrival. 

Regardless, the case of the actress' death will now be transferred to the "Dubai Public Prosecution" which will carry out regular legal procedures followed in such cases. This will determine if there was, in fact, any foul-play involved. Until then speculations about Boney's alleged involvement would remain a matter of conjecture. 

Bollywood actress Sridevi and her filmmaker husband Boney Kapoor attend a party hosted by Indian businessman Anil Ambani and his actress wife Tina, February 28, 2010 in Mumbai. (Getty Images)

According to a chief prosecutor quoted by Gulf News, “In such accidental death incidents, the results of the post-mortem and forensic examination reports are referred to the Public Prosecution as part of ordinary law enforcement procedures. The papers are revised by the prosecutors of the jurisdiction where the incident happened. An official order to hand over the body of the deceased to the family or relatives is issued shortly after that.”

Further, he added, "In case of any suspicious foul play, prosecutors would carry out further detailed investigations and decide on any future law enforcement procedures accordingly."

Meanwhile, her family is still waiting for her body to be embalmed at the Al Muhaisana embalming unit, which has been delayed and is expected to happen only by Tuesday afternoon. The Indian embassy is reportedly working closely with the local authorities to expedite the return of her body to India. Once back, her funeral will be held at Mumbai’s Pawan Hans in Juhu, Ville Parle.

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