The Biggest Loser's Bob Harper shares shocking photo of himself in hospital after near-fatal heart attack last year

Bob Harper shared a photo of himself recovering in hospital after suffering a near-fatal heart attack last year, with a caption detailing the progress he has made so far.

                            The Biggest Loser's Bob Harper shares shocking photo of himself in hospital after near-fatal heart attack last year

Bob Harper, host of The Biggest Loser, shared an intense photo on Friday, February 23, on Instagram, of the time over a year ago, when he went into a coma after suffering a near-fatal heart attack while working out at a New York City gym. He collapsed while working out in an incident he labeled "the scariest day of my life."

Bob Harper, Instagram
Bob Harper shared this picture of him recovering in hospital from a heart attack. (Instagram)

The picture had Harper in a hospital bed, connected to various tubes and devices, lying unconscious in a coma as he recovered from the heart attack that nearly claimed his life.

In a post on Instagram last March, he wrote that he had difficulty comprehending how he had had a heart attack, writing, "I just keep saying to myself, WTF!!? How did I have a f**ing heart attack!!!?!?"

Then in his new book The Super Carb Diet, the 52-year-old personal trainer detailed how difficult it had been to come to terms with nearly losing his life.

He described how he initially suffered from short-term memory loss after waking up from the coma, and struggled with depression at being a mere shadow of his former self.

He told People, "I went through such an identity crisis. Think about it. I was the workout guy. I was the one you came to to want to workout and ask for health advice. I had to go back to the drawing board and find out what my purpose was. Who I am. I had to go through a lot personally and emotionally."

Bob Harper, Getty
Bob Harper, Kohl's Wellness Ambassador, exactly a month before his heart attack (Getty Images)

On Friday, for the first time, he gave the public a rare glimpse into what those life-changing moments had looked like as he battled for his life at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital.

On the Instagram post, he wrote, "I am sharing an extremely private photo with all of you today. This was me 1 year and 10 days ago, in a coma."

He described the progress he had made, writing, "TODAY I just did 18.1 (a CrossFit workout for for those of you that don’t know) @bricknewyork in the same room where I went into cardiac arrest. To say I am grateful for my life is a MAJOR understatement. The whole time I did that workout I just kept saying to myself “I’m still here”."

He expressed his incredulity at how far he had come since the incident, writing, "I am doing the #crossfitopen2018 because I AM STILL HERE!! Thank you to my #crossfitfamily and non CrossFit family for all of your encouragement. I’ll talk more about this today in my #twocupsin post. I am so LUCKY and SO GRATEFUL!!"

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