Gorgeous 23-year-old model ends up looking like "The Joker from Batman" after horrifying pitbull attack

Suzel Mackintosh still struggles to move her lips after a dog attack on New Year's Eve which left her needing plastic surgery.

                            Gorgeous 23-year-old model ends up looking like "The Joker from Batman" after horrifying pitbull attack
Suzel Mackintosh was attacked by a pitbull (Source: Getty Images)

A gorgeous model was mauled by a dog leaving her face "looking like Batman villain The Joker" and has now promised to revive her modeling career. 23-year-old Suzel Mackintosh was attacked on New Year's Eve by an aggressive Staffordshire pitbull, reported the Daily Star.

While doctors have operated on her in an emergency surgery, the model is still not able to lift her upper lip fur due to muscle damage from the injuries. 

Talking to the Daily Star, Suzel said: “I patted the dog and it just went for me. I fell back and I could feel my nose hanging off.” The beautiful model lives in London but originally hails from Perth, Australia. On Sunday, Suzel further told the Daily Star: “The side of my face and mouth were ripped up. I looked like The Joker.” 

The 23-year-old, who currently lives in Shoreditch in east London, said she was visiting her friends in south-west Australia when the attack took place. Mackintosh was vacationing in the remote camping region of Pemberton arena, Australia, when the unprovoked dog pounced on her. She was visiting her old country to catch up with her pals.

The group was an hour away from being able to call for help because of being in phone reception area. 

Suzel's friends had been playing with the pit bull earlier in the day. It was sleeping in a car when the blonde went to fetch something from the vehicle. She said: “A friend of a friend brought their dog along. We played with it in the day and at night we put it in the vehicle to sleep.

“I went to get something from the car and it jumped on my face. I did nothing to provoke it.”

As of the moment, the drop-dead gorgeous online celebrity hopes to revive her career that she feared the hound had snatched from her. 

Asserting that she was in a "really, really bad place" following the unhinged attack, Suzel was depressed about multiple scars across her face. Immediately after the vicious attack, Mackintosh thought that her modeling days were over and that her career had been crushed forever.

She added: “I thought my dreams were trashed, that no-one would love me again. I knew that all the insecurities I had before were nothing next to what I faced now. When I was in the hospital I contemplated not being around anymore. I was in a really, really bad place."

That being said, the model has also been targeted by online trolls who took her case over her deep scars, worsening her inhibitions. “There were a lot of comments about my face,” she said. “One guy wrote, ‘did you have too many d***s shoved in there on Friday night?’ “It was hurtful and it made my insecurities worse.”

The young model says she has chosen to ignore the hateful comments.

Suzel says she never received a direct apology from the owner of the pit bull, who was a friend, and that "hurts more than the injuries", she says. “He never said sorry and he never offered any support," she said. “In some ways that hurts more than the injuries.”

But the blonde beauty decided that she was not going to let her grave injuries beat her. She has now returned to England in order to concentrate on her career. Mackintosh said that she will extend her focus to speak up for victims of domestic abuse. She urged other abused women to follow her lead and do what they were destined to do. 

The woman was in a troubled relationship for two years from the tender age of 17 and now hopes to help others in need of emotional support. “I was told I wasn’t pretty and I couldn’t do anything,” she said.

“I want other women to know that no matter what, you should still do the things you want to do.”

The 23-year-old needed plastic surgery on her dreadful wounds and had to spend more than a week in the hospital.

In the aftermath of the attack, the model posted many photos of her disfigured face on Facebook.  Suzel has since collaborated in a video with Jack Jones, a YouTube sensation who is known for his offensive comedy on the streets of England. The said video has garnered more than two million views.