WATCH: Racist woman abuses older Asian woman on NYC subway for asking her daughter to give up seat

WATCH: Racist woman abuses older Asian woman on NYC subway for asking her daughter to give up seat
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A video of a furious woman racially abusing an Asian woman on a train in the New York subway has gone viral on the internet. The mother started yelling at the older woman when she asked her daughter to give up her seat on the train.

A bystander recorded and uploaded the video on May 30 of the angry rant. The video shows an African-American mother with her young child sitting on two seats on the train and the mother launching a violent verbal attack on the middle-aged Asian woman. The latter had asked the young child to move out of the seat.

The child obliged the older Asian woman and sat close to her mother on a seat that was already occupied by another child. The mother seems to have lost her cool because the two children had to share seats.

The video has more than 95,000 views from the time it was uploaded till now. The mother says in the beginning of the almost two-minute long video: "He didn’t get up for me to sit because my daughter’s black. He didn’t get up for me."

The older Asian woman tells the ranting black woman to be calm. The mother replies: "What’s calm? You play with my kid and I’m supposed to be okay with it? So f*** you."  

She starts to turn away when the Asian woman, who has clearly had enough of the angry outburst over a seat, tells the mother "mind your language". This triggers the mother again who tells the older woman: "Mind your a** and move it. Before I kick you. B**** I will you move you off that seat, try me."

The mother then looks at her daughter and commands her: "Push her. Push her". The child, who looks very confused, listens to her mother and pushes the Asian lady out of the seat.

The mother starts antagonising the older woman and tells her: "Yeah, push my daughter back".

She then gets up and starts violently pushing the woman off the seat so that she had to stand in the middle of the train. The mother says: "Go ahead b**** move. Don't play with my daughter b****".  

The older Asian woman then falls to the ground. A few passengers can be seen helping her up and then berating the mother for what happened. 

The Asian woman gets up with the help of some other passengers and then leans against the disputed seat. She was trying to regain her balance when the angry mother stands right behind her and then screams into her ear. She demands that the Asian woman stay away from the seat that her daughter was now sitting on again.


The mother yells: "Don’t play with my daughter. That’s my child." The woman calmly responds: "Mind your language" The already triggered mother then yells: "F*** your language."

The older woman then threatens the mother the she will call the police. The mother responds: "F*** police b****".

The furious mother then shouts: "This ain't your country. Welcome to America. Welcome to Brooklyn b****. F*** outta here you’re gonna push my daughter out of her seat because she’s Spanish and you’re Chinese." 

The entire car is silent as the mother rages at the older Asian woman. Aside from the initial help that she received with getting up after she was pushed off the seat, no one came forward and stepped in the way of the racist rant.

The Asian woman seems defeated at the end of the video and just stands. The mother, in the meantime, can be heard making a loud spitting sound at the older woman. She can be seen getting up and gesturing as if she was going to actually spit on the woman.


The Asian woman looks at the mother and tells her: "Be calm" to which the mother replies: "I’m calm until you play with my kids. I’m a mother. F*** your calm." The clip ends at that point and it's not known if any arrests were made after the incident.

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