Bethenny Frankel and Lisa Vanderpump have a heated argument on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Bethenny Frankel and Lisa Vanderpump get into a bitter argument after finally coming face to face.

                            Bethenny Frankel and Lisa Vanderpump have a heated argument on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Just when you thought that The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills could not get any better, they all just prove you wrong! In a preview clip of the show, which is said to be aired on February 27, it is seen that Bethenny Frankel and Lisa Vanderpump go head-to-head with each other and it is all thanks to Kyle Richards. 

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From the clip, it can be seen that Kyle is still trying to wrap her head around what happened between her and Lisa is from the episode which was aired on Tuesday, February 20. During that episode, Kyle was seen confronting Dorit Kemsley for talking about Lisa behind her back. 

However, things happened to take a different turn when Lisa appeared to not care about the gossip which Dorit was trying to spread. To make matters worse, Lisa even decided to leave with Dorit after the heated moment with Kyle. This incident gave rise to a few drunk tear, something which was not well liked by Bethenny Frankel. 

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Bethenny decides to take matters into her own hand and confronts Lisa about her actions. "It was a thank you, f—k you," Bethenny said to Lisa. "It was a thuck you, we call it." While Lisa makes her point but also adds, "Now Kyle's got Bethenny as a backup, well, I have no problem going head-to-head with Bethenny."

Things seemed to get out of hand during the fashion show when Lisa tells Bethenny to settle down suggesting that she is well aware how things will turn out looking at Bethenny's expression. It is then that Bethenny asks Lisa who she's a better friend with, Dorit or Kyle and upon hearing this question,  Dorit immediately responds, "Don't start," Lisa tells her. "You know exactly what you're doing."

Let Kyle explain, "He's [Dorit's husband P.K.] British, she's from Connecticut." "No, I swear to god, don't you f—king tell me what I'm doing," Bethenny says to Lisa. "Because you guys lie, I don't lie. Not in this house!" Unfortunately, these ladies are unable to move from all the drama but Bethenny does manage to get an apology out of Lisa and it is then that Lisa can be seen telling Kyle, " I'm sorry if you were upset."  

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