Was Bella Thorne's 'Shake It' taken down by YouTube? Actress slams 'removal' of steamy video with Abella Danger

Despite Thorne's rant about the streaming site taking it down, the sizzling video is still on the platform

                            Was Bella Thorne's 'Shake It' taken down by YouTube? Actress slams 'removal' of steamy video with Abella Danger
Abella Danger and Bella Thorne turned up the heat in 'Shake It' (GMGT/Filthy Fangs/YouTube)

Bella Thorne and Abella Danger did more than just 'Shake It' in the former's new music video. From steamy, red-hot romps to booty twerks and licks, the song set temperatures soaring. And while Thorne went on an Instagram rant on Tuesday (February 23) about YouTube removing the video, there's no harm done as the clip is still intact. The former Disney star minced no words on social media: "Hey @youtube - why’d you take down my video for Shake It? Is it because I’m having fun with @dangershewrote?... 

"Male artists always have women shaking ass in videos... why can’t we? Censorship against women needs to end!!! I’ll never stop fighting against this bull%h*t. Stay tuned. Also Congrats guys, you broke YouTube!" she wrote.



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The clip sees Thorne steal Abella with a passionate kiss at the altar much to the groom's disappointment, and who happens to be a hunk himself. The video sees the officiator ask: "If anyone can show just cause why this couple cannot lawfully be joined together in matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace."

A still from 'Shake It' (GMGT/Filthy Fangs)

Soon after, Thorne replies: "Excuse me I have a problem with this! That's my b***h!" leading to her running away with Abella and the groom furiously uttering: "What the f**k?'" Thorne then delightedly says: "Oh sh*t I didn't know that was your b***h." And then begins the romps, the licks, and the kisses along with some sultry and bold shots with the pair getting incredibly close to each other. Both women were seen dressed in bridal lingerie and were even videoed in a swimming pool as they helped themselves to some strawberries just before getting down to business.


Bella and Danger were both dressed scantily, but there were generous doses of gold necklaces that could be seen. The clip ends with the text, 'Directed by Bella Thorne'  When she tweeted out the same rant on YouTube, a reply from the streamer came in: "Sorry to hear about the trouble – we'll pass this along to the team and let you know what we find out. Thanks for your patience in the meantime."


Netizens weighed in on the move. "I watch the video, it’s brilliant work if I say so myself, but… as I said I watch the video I see why YouTube pulled it. This is the age of political correctness we have entered into so if porn hub is pulling things like this why do you think you can get away with it on YouTube," one of the tweets read. The appreciation for the song was pretty positive.

"I just finished watching it soooooo good Abella's my fav adult star & you're my fav from back in the day & you're both sooooooo gorgeous this video is amazingggg u both did such a good job & look like you're having some much fun & continued success to u bad bishes," a tweet opined.



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