Becca Kufrin is done with Arie Luyendyk. She's already moved on to better things, like being the next Bachelorette!

Becca Kufrin. (Source: Twitter)

America was shocked when the 27-year-old was left heartbroken following her emotional break-up with Arie Luyendyk. He decided to break off their engagement and propose to Lauren Burnham in the 'After the Final Rose' special. 

But the memory of her heartbreak is long gone. Becca made her debut on the 'After the Final Rose' special as the new Bachelorette. Becca is ready for a second chance at finding love and she's just looking for "Somebody who is loyal, who can make me laugh, honesty, all the good things." 

Well lucky for her, Becca got to meet five of her future suitors. 


Source: YouTube

First up was Lincoln. The minute he walked out, Lincoln was instantly a crowd favorite. Dressed in a dapper bow-tie, he blushed his way through his introduction but managed to tell Becca that Arie was a w*nker.


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Chase followed and managed to bumble all over his introduction. He admitted to being a "little all over the place" but still told Becca that she "deserved better than that" and he hoped that it would be him. Bold!


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When Ryan came out strumming his banjo, it made Becca take note! His adorable song about her had everyone clapping and cheering by the end!


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Darius has this charm that could melt an iceberg. Walking up to Becca, he first said that she looked gorgeous. But before anything, Darius wanted to apologize on behalf of his gender for whatever stupidity they tend to display. Sold!


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Blake brought a horse out to meet Becca and it seemed a little weird, to be honest. But then he had an explanation. He said: "As the saying goes: when you fall off the horse, you get to get back up again. So, Becca, I brought you the horse, now let me be the man to get you back up again." You could hear the gentle pops of the audience's hearts as they burst with adoration.

So will any of the five men she met make the cut? We'll find out when 'The Bachelorette' premieres on ABC this spring.

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