Infant hospitalized after her skull was fractured during father's softball game

McKenna Hovenga, a seven-week-old infant, from Shell Rock, Iowa was airlifted to a hospital after being struck by a ball during her father's softball game

                            Infant hospitalized after her skull was fractured during father's softball game
McKenna Hovenga's skull was fractured byeing struck by a ball during a softball game. (Source: Getty Images)

A seven-week-old infant from Shell Rock, Iowa has been admitted to a hospital after sustaining injuries during her father’s softball game. McKenna Hovenga was struck on the head by a ball on Wednesday, 2nd May. She was airlifted to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

According to the Daily Mail, the baby suffered a fractured skull, causing seizures and two major brain bleeds.

Mckenna’s parents, Kassy and Lee Hovenga, consider the little girl their “miracle child”, having struggled to conceive for three years. The couple is desperately waiting for news of the infant’s recovery.

Prayers and support for the child have been pouring in with a YouCaring page having raised more than $27,000 to cover the medical expenses. McKenna’s family members have been posting on a Facebook page called ‘Healing for McKenna’ with regular updates on her condition.  

“I’m so grateful for all of the prayers and support we are receiving from all across Iowa and America,” McKenna’s father, Lee, said in a Facebook post. “We hear about these accidents on the news every day throughout the cedar valley, never thinking of how many people other than myself are praying for the victims of these tragic accidents.

“It is heartwarming knowing there are so many selfless people in this world that hope and pray for others.”

Scans indicate that the child was struck on the front of the skull. She is currently using a feeding and breathing tube while doctors try to bring her seizures under control using a variety of medications. The latest update on the Facebook page suggests that the child has not had any seizures for almost three days.

“Realistic scenario is that McKenna will remain in the pediatric ICU until Friday at least, before transferring to a regular room,” a post on the page says. “This is if everything continues to go exactly perfect and certainly not anything they are even talking about at this point.”

Lee posted two pictures of a smiling McKenna on Friday with the caption: “It’s scary that this was the last time I saw her smile, heard her laugh, and got to hold her. This is giving me so much hope right now.”

While the child is reportedly showing some improvement, little McKenna’s future remains uncertain.