Internet cult classic Kung Fury is getting a full-length sequel. David Sandberg's cult classic is also racking up quite an ensemble for its cast.

David Hasselhoff has already been confirmed to act in the movie. Also joining him will be legendary 80s' movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is joining the cast of Kung Fury (Getty)

Michael Fassbender is spearheading this project. Kung Fury was the product of Sandberg's genius. The short film became an instant cult classic for being a hilarious homage to popular 80s' action movies. The story follows detective Kung Fury, a typical 80s badass hero who slays bad guy in insane fight sequences.

The cult movie Kung Fury is getting a full-length feature film. (Facebook)

The movie's over-the-top portrayal of 80s' action movie paired with absurd fight sequences instantly garnered a cult following. Sandberg conceptualized the project thanks to his Kickstarter project which helped him raise over $630,019 for his project. The story is set in Miami in 1985 but was shot in Sweden. Hasselhoff makes a cameo in the original featurette and stars in the True Survivor music video from the movie.

The full-length movie is bound to be legendary with this cast!

Check out the original short film below: 

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