Looks like Armie Hammer is butting heads with BuzzFeed writer Anne Helen Petersen...again.

Recently, the senior culture writer and western correspondent for BuzzFeed tweeted about Jennifer Lawrence's Vanity Fair cover story. She criticized it saying it was a painful read that reminded her of a toothache. 

Armie caught wind of this tweet, and it gave him some serious flashbacks. He replied to the writer's tweet, suggesting the writer take a chill pill.

Anne responded by saying that she was not hating, she was analyzing. 

This comes in the wake of Anne's article about Armie titled 'Ten Long Years of Trying to Make Armie Hammer Happen'. Directly asking its readers "How many second chances does a handsome white male star get?", the article explores Armie's career in Hollywood. 

“Ultimately, the problem isn’t that Armie Hammer was given this many chances to happen. It’s that the system that ensured those chances – along with those given to so many other white men – also withholds chances, leeway, and faith from those who need and would benefit from them most.” Anne wrote in her article.

Armie's BuzzFeed profile soon went viral and caught the actor's attention. 

Replying to the article, Armie said that the writer was bitter in her tone, but got his chronology spot on. Many people were for the article's shade. Others criticized the writer, saying that she was being mean.


The actor then proceeded to shell out a series of tweets that put down the writer, which he apparently later regretted because shortly after posting the chain of tweets, Armie deactivated his Twitter account. 

Armie recently starred in the Oscar-nominated film 'Call Me By Your Name' for which his performance is being critically received. We hope that the actor is able to hash out his differences with Anne before it gets unnecessarily out of hand!

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