Arcade Fire tease new short film 'Money + Love': Watch

The short film, titled 'Money + Love' is directed by long time collaborator David Wilson and stars Aussie actress Toni Collette. The film will also serve as a twin music video for the songs 'Put Your Money On Me' and 'We Don't Deserve Love'.

Arcade Fire tease new short film 'Money + Love': Watch

Arcade Fire had a pretty topsy-turvy year last year. They released their fifth studio album, 'Everything Now', and although it did receive a Grammy nomination, it marked the first time that their album did not receive immediate praise and critical acclaim. As the band aligned their sound more with dance music (the seeds of which were already sown in their 2013 effort 'Reflektor' produced by LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy), it even polarized a few fans, which was evident by the fact that for the first time, their stadium and arena gigs were not completely sold out. Reviews for the album were mixed, to say the least, with some critics straight up bashing the album.

But all said and done, one thing can not be denied. The marketing for 'Everything Now' was absolutely unique. From planting hidden CD's in cereal boxes at supermarkets, to creating a spoof review of their own album before it released, and even creating a fake conglomeration called 'The Everything Now Corporation' that supposedly took over all of their creative control, the whole shebang was a masterful satire on the instant-karma millennial generation as well as a dig at the structure of the modern music industry.


So when they dropped a teaser clip on their Twitter account on Friday (March 9), fans were as excited as confused. The post bore a short caption: 'Money + Love' it said and the accompanying video clip barely gave anything away. Except for the fact that the post was very much in tune with the rest of the symbolism and marketing ploys used for 'Everything Now', nothing else was known. Stereogum speculated that it might be a double music video for their singles, 'Put Your Money On Me' and 'We Don't Deserve Love', but now the whole story is finally out. 

The upcoming 'Money + Love' is actually a short film which also doubles as a twin music video for the above-mentioned singles. It’s set to be unveiled later this week, on 15th March, so fans please mark your calendars.

The band have once again teamed up with director David Wilson - who also directed their clip for ‘We Exist’ back in 2014 - and will also feature an appearance from Australian actress Toni Collette (The Sixth Sense, Little Miss Sunshine).

Watch the trailer for the short film below:

Frontman Win Butler said of the two-song short film, "The concept of a double video really appealed to us, we’d always loved songs being put together as A and B sides… and these songs seemed perfect together. David has been a great collaborator for us since Reflektor and we were finally able to work with Toni whom we’d been wanting to work with for some time”.

Director/co-writer David Wilson added, "The ambition and scale of the piece was huge from the outset. I adore working with Arcade Fire - reacting to their vision and scale is a beautiful thing to creatively respond to. The belief and trust in me from the band made this one of the best experiences of my career. It’s an as-close-to-perfect collaboration that I can think of with me and Win hitting emails backwards and forwards continually over the formation of the script. The connection, communication, and enthusiasm from the band on the multiple shoot days led to an extremely tight bond. I’m super excited for this to be out in the world.”

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