April Bowlby to play Elasti-Girl in DC's web series Titan

Soon after the casting of Bruno Bichir as a superhero to play The Chief, actress April Bowlby takes on the role of Elasti GIrl. More to be recruited for the The Doom Patrol Squad

                            April Bowlby to play Elasti-Girl in DC's web series Titan

DC’s upcoming live-action web series titled Teen Titans announced its Elasti-Girl in actress April Bowlby, known for portraying Kandi on the CBS comedy series Two and a Half Men.

The actress who also starred in The Drop Dead Diva will take on the role of Rita Farr, an aspiring actress who is on the verge of attaining stardom but whose life is transformed after she gets exposed to a toxic gas – according to Entertainment Weekly.

As a consequence, her cellular structure is altered and she gains the ability to expand or shrink her body at will, thus making her an Elasti-Girl. However, that is not to be confused with the Incredibles supergirl Elastigirl (not hyphenated), who also happens to share the same superpower.  

DC's Elasti-Girl (source Pinterest)

Coming back to our Elasti-Girl, Rita finds herself joining The Doom Patrol squad, consisting of super-powered misfits, whose "gifts" caused them alienation and trauma.

Last week, Bruno Bichir, a Mexican actor was the first one to be recruited as Dr. Niles Caulder, a.k.a. The Chief. The new casting of Elasti-Girl indicates towards the original group of The Doom Patrol including Negative Man and Robotman.

DC Entertainment CCO, Geoff Johns, had announced on Twitter that The Doom Patrol was going to be making their way to the small screen via DC’s new digital platform service series, Titans. The steady casting points towards the statement turning into reality really soon.  

The plot of the action-packed series is lead by Dick Grayson, a former Robin desperate to get out of Batman's shadow and emerges to become the leader of a fearless band of new heroes, including Starfire, Raven and many others. Bowlby will be making her first appearance on Titans in episode five. The series will premiere on the DC streaming service likely to launch later this year.

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