ANTM model humorously grills Tyra Banks over Life-Size 2 release date during a shoot

The supermodel serves as photographer and is unexpectedly questioned "When’s Life-Size 2 coming out?” by a contestant

                            ANTM model humorously grills Tyra Banks over Life-Size 2 release date during a shoot

We are pretty much used to expecting the unexpected especially in reality TV shows but what happens on Tuesday's episode of America's Next Top Model will have you roaring with laughter as 20-year-old model contestant Kyla Coleman probed Tyra Banks on when the hell Life-Size 2 is coming out.

Entertainment Weekly's preview reveals that this week's installment of the show will witness Banks fiercely serving as a photographer. In the challenging shoot, she tries to set the mood for her models, where women clad in a golden bikini and dripping with metallic liquid, pose with unconventional male models.   

While the 20-year-old Kyla Coleman is praised for nailing the directives and Tyra heads up her confidence by saying she's looking the most beautiful in the show, her partner, Miles Dausuel, begins to lose his “power” in the shot, according to Banks. So the supermodel host comes up with a quick solution "We need to yell!” she instructs. “Shall we do movies? We’re going to start with Friday, Boyz n the Hood.”

The trick works and Dausuel quickly emoted to perfection while shouting the titles as Banks shutters. Just when we think it got better, the scene escalates to a humorous level when Coleman snaps "When’s Life-Size 2 coming out?”

Tyra Banks as Eve doll in Life-Size movie (Source: Pinterest)

Tyra immediately bursts into a fit of laughter joining fellow judge Drew Elliott at this unexpected moment. Coleman brought up the question that many had forgotten. In April 2017, Banks had described Life-Size 2 as a “fun, edgy, modern Christmas movie” in a press release and announced, it would premiere in December 2018.

The movie Life-Size aired in 2000, where Banks starred with Lindsay Lohan. The flick followed a heartwarming story of a young girl who, while attempting to resurrect her deceased mother with magic, accidentally brings her Barbie-like Eve doll (Banks) to life instead.

“Lindsay and I have been slipping into each other’s DMs a lot lately,” Banks had confessed, when talking about the upcoming sequel. “I think she’s very interested in returning. It’s about figuring out what that role is. I’d like it to be kind of robust…. I’m not looking for a Lindsay cameo, I’m looking for her to have something pretty meaty in Life-Size 2, so we shall see what our writer comes up with.”


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