Angelina Please’ cause of death revealed: Transgender porn star was found 'unrecognizable' at home

Her mother Stephanie had previously revealed how she had been taking ketamine and that her family feared she'd consumed a "bad batch"

                            Angelina Please’ cause of death revealed: Transgender porn star was found 'unrecognizable' at home
Trans adult actress Angelina Please (pictured) was found dead in her Las Vegas home just days after going missing (Instagram)

A coroner has ruled that transgender porn star Angelina Please, who was found dead in her Las Vegas residence just days after going missing, succumbed to an accidental cocaine overdose.

The adult sensation, whose real name was Francesca Montalbano, was reportedly found "unrecognizable" on March 15 after her family called the authorities to conduct a welfare check at her home. Now, the Clark County Coroner has established that Francesca died of "acute intoxication by cocaine," with the manner of death ruled as an accident. Her mother Stephanie had previously revealed how she had been taking ketamine and that her family feared she'd consumed a "bad batch." However, they think there was more to her tragic demise, claiming there was a lot of miscommunication and that only a toxicology test was conducted as a full autopsy couldn't be carried out, with the family allegedly being told they'd have to pay for it.


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"The county said that they wouldn't be able to do an autopsy because she had been dead for almost four days," Stephanie told The Sun. "A toxicology test is all they had to go on and that is what I believe they based their conclusions on. I agree she had cocaine in her system, but lacking any other conclusive evidence....we will never know what really killed her. I am just horrified and disgusted."

Francesca's loved ones traveled to Las Vegas and had her cremated before flying her ashes back to Chicago. Her brother Lonnie shared photos from her memorial service held on April 30 at the Montclair-Lucania Funeral Home in Belmont. "Thank you to all who have been there for my family, those of you who attended as well as those who could not make it," he wrote on Facebook. "My sister was an amazing person and will be missed up until the day we meet again."



"She was beautiful, smart, vivacious and the funniest person I know," Stephanie wrote on social media of her beloved daughter. The devastated mother said she had been struggling to eat or sleep since the tragedy, describing it as "the worst pain I ever have felt." She added, "I try to avoid having to deal with my emotional pain, but sometimes it's unavoidable."



Speaking to The Sun, Stephanie previously revealed that she knew her daughter was doing drugs and feared she may have ingested fentanyl-laced ketamine. "She was doing ketamine. But they put fentanyl in everything nowadays, just a line is enough to kill you," she said. "She'd been clean from meth for over a year but she was still dabbling in party drugs. I could tell her until I was blue in the face not to do it, and why you shouldn't do it, but she would just hide it from me and I didn't want her to do that. I don't want to be friends with my children, I want to be a parent, but I also want to know what they're up to and I want to give them safe advice if I'm able to."

Stephanie had reported her daughter missing to Las Vegas authorities, and a close pal had been banging on her apartment door when officers responded. "I'm devastated, when I finally heard [that she had died]," she said. "It was very guttural, I know her friend didn't want to have to be the one to tell me. I don't know how long she'd been there, she was found in the living room, she was unrecognizable so they can't identify her. I can't remember what we talked about last, but I said I love you, we always said I love you."



Francesca had told her mother she was looking forward to attending the AVN Awards in Vegas after being nominated for 'Trans Performer of the Year.' However, Stephanie said her daughter was a lot more than a porn star. "She was very independent, very strong spirited, very smart," the embattled parent added, "She was just getting back into writing which she'd done ever since she was a kid." The family raised more than $26,000 in a GoFundMe campaign to cover travel expenses to Las Vegas and to arrange her funeral service.