In a first of its kind moment, The Voice US saw a transgender contestant auditioning for a spot in the talent show.

Twenty five-year-old Angel Bonilla, sang her cover for 'Lay Me Down', originally performed by singer Sam Smith and blew the crowd away. Coach Adam Levine was floored by her voice and safely secured a spot for her in the next round of the show. 

Angel Bonilla makes history (Source: Instagram)

According to the NBC biography, the dark-haired beauty revealed that her gender transition was made easier after she found music. She was born male and at an early age, as soon as 6, she realized that she had more of a woman in her than her gender allowed and "could not ignore her feminine soul and the strong sense of being a girl."

Angel is originally from the Philippines and has conservative Christian Catholic roots. It all became easier when Angel "discovered her love of music." She had completely transitioned herself by the time she hit 16 years of age and she and her family migrated to America soon after. Her one big aspiration, through it all, was to become a professional singer. 

In an interview, she revealed that she had trouble coming out and it was very difficult for her father to accept the reality.

"Growing up in a very conservative family, it was very difficult for my father. When my dad saw me as a girl for the first time, he was puzzled. He’s not sure if I am his son, but he embraced me." All she says she wanted was for her father to be proud of her. Aww.

"I promised him that I will do great things. I wanted my father to be proud of me, and I’m doing this to honor him," she said, talking to Carson Daly in the interview.

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