People can't stop drooling over hot Russian Olympian Anastasia Bryzgalov

Bryzgalova and her curling partner Alexander Krushelnitskiy took home the bronze medal for the mixed doubles event in which the duo participated.

                            People can't stop drooling over hot Russian Olympian Anastasia Bryzgalov

Winter Olympics just heated up a notch when a Russian athlete stunned fans with her other-worldly looks.

The amazing Russian curler Anastasia Bryzgalova has set hearts racing across social media with her celestial charm.

Viewers have been bowled over by the glamorous Russian athlete's model looks. (Source: Facebook)

The 25-year-old Russian is a world champion in her sport. She won the 2016 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship with her curling partner and husband Alexander Krushelnitskiy.

However, Twitter users are not fawning over her athletic abilities so much as her goddess-like face.

The curling star has impressed viewers who were not previously familiar with the sport. (Source: Facebook)


Winter Olympic followers are completely in awe of the champ's features.

Adding to every sports enthusiast's fantasy, some of her bikini clad pictures have left fans drooling.




Twitter users remarked about Anastasia's likeness to some of the most beautiful women in the planet, including Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox. 

Olivia Harvey from wrote: "Did Angelina Jolie forget to tell us that she took up Olympic curling? Or is that Megan Fox out there on the ice? We’re told the curler in question is Russian Olympian Anastasia Bryzgalova, but we’re going to need to see some I.D. — because she’s the spitting image of Angelina Jolie (and/or Fox, depending on the angle)."

Bryzgalova made her Olympic curling debut with her husband at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games on February 8. Although she took an unfortunate tumble during a recent bout, no one seemed to care about it as fans across the world were enamoured by the Russian's natural beauty.

The athlete's piercing stare and fierce contentration has captured the imagination of Olympics fans on Twitter. (Source: Facebook

What's more? The 25-year-old Olympian has a master's degree from St. Petersburg’s Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport, and Health. Some users on social media seriously believed that she was actually a model or an actress owing to her near-perfect countenance.

Bryzgalova and her curling partner Alexander Krushelnitskiy took home the bronze medal for the mixed doubles event in which the duo participated.

The tearful athlete couldn't hide her emotions as she celebrated the bronze medal win. (Source: Facebook)

The supermodel-like Olympian put on an amazing display as she shouted instructions in the crucial fixture against Norway with her husband Krushelnitskiy in Pyeongchang.

At one point she accidentally backed into the curling stone and stumbled upon it.

However, she was back on her feet in a jiffy to secure the bronze medal with her partner, ultimately becoming the first couple to win a medal in mixed doubles curling in the history of Olympics.

Anastasia Bryzgalova of Olympic Athletes from Russia falls as she competes against Norway during the Curling Mixed Doubles Bronze Medal Game. (Source: Facebook) 

"It's very important that we are family," Bryzgalova told ESPN through a translator. "That was very important to survive yesterday's loss just to come out here today and to make the match that we can be proud about. The fact that we are family helped us a lot." 

According to the Olympic star's social media posts, Bryzgalova married her curling partner Alexander Krushelnitskiy in June 2017 and went on to celebrate their honeymoon in Spain.

The famed duo won the 2016 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship in Karlstad, Sweden. 

Anastasia Bryzgalova and Alexander Krushelnitsky won the 9th Westbay Hungarian Mixed Doubles Cup. (Source: Facebook)

The beautiful Anastasia took up the sport of curling back in 2009 when she was lured into it by an advertisement for a curling club at an ice sports complex she visited.

Bryzgalova likes to maintain her flawless figure following a strict weightlifting regime and playing volleyball. She inspires millions across social media by posting her awe-inspiring bikini snaps on Instagram. 

Anastasia Bryzgalova, 25, and her husband on the beach in Spain during their honeymoon. (Source: Bryzgalova's Instagram) 

Having said that, Russia is not officially competing in the Winter Olympics being held in Pyeongchang due to reports of a state-sponsored doping scandal which did not allow the country to take part.

Pushing aside the situation faced by her homeland, over 168 supposedly clean athletes are participating in the Winter games under the banner of "Olympic Athlete from Russia," donning only neutral colours. 

Bryzgalova reacts after stumbling upon the curling stone straight into the camera. (Source: Facebook)

Mixed doubles curling is a new event that was introduced along with three others in the 2018 Winter Olympics and was the first event before kicking off the official bouts last Thursday.

Anastasia and Alexander were beaten in their first batch by siblings Becca and Matt Hamilton from the US. After a few missed shots, the Olympian couple looked prominently agitated with one another.

Bryzgalova seems to have won plenty of new fans. (Source: Facebook)

Having said that, we must thank Anastasia Bryzgalova and her Hollywood potential for unwittingly promoting the not-so-popular sport of curling - making it a lot more interesting than it already is.

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