Over the course of February, we learned that Amy Schumer has been dating chef Chris Fischer, they had a beautiful wedding and that she had all her famous friends around when she exchanged vows with her man. From Jennifer Lawrence to Larry David, a bunch of Hollywood biggies were in attendance, but guess how they were invited to the event?

Amy reportedly sent them texts just days before the chill wedding. An attendee told Us Weekly that all the guests were informed of the event and was even given the option of not attending without harboring any ill-feelings of guilt.  

Chris and Amy got married just three months after they started dating (Instagram/Amy Schumer)

“Most of the guests found out the wedding was happening from a text Amy sent,” the insider reveals adding, “It was, ‘Hey, this is happening. If you can make it, great. If not, no worries.’” This apparently reached the guests on February 11th and the wedding itself was held on February 13th. Many of her friends, nonetheless, were able to make it to the rented mansion overlooking the ocean in Malibu and ended up having a great time as well. According to the source, "Everyone was having a good time. It was very laidback—just how Chris and Amy wanted it."  

Only a fear of bad weather had hampered the bride's spirits, but even that was thwarted soon enough. Guests got to cheerfully enjoy the "very sweet, touching, and, of course, funny" vows that Amy and Chris exchanged at the beautiful ceremony.  

Even JLaw had spoken about the elegance and beauty of the beachside wedding, that led her to sob uncontrollably. "It was beautiful," she had told ET. "It was very sudden, but it was, I was sobbing the whole -- his vows were stunning. It's when two people really love each other and they really mean it, it shows, and it was a beautiful ceremony and an amazing time. I couldn't be happier for them." 

The bride with her showbiz friends (Instagram/Amy Schumer)

It means a lot, coming from Jen, who claims to hate the beach but went down there for her BFF Amy. "A couple people wanted to go down and walk on the beach and I was like, 'No. I don't get the beach. I just don't care,'" she said.  

Nevertheless, we sure are glad that Amy and Chris got to have their magical day exactly how they envisioned.

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