Your emotional state directly affects your baby while in the womb

Women are the birth-givers in the world and have been blessed with the greatest responsibility of bringing in another life into this planet and for continuing life. The female body has the capability and the power to do what no man's body can do. When a woman is pregnant, it is important for her and others around her to understand how a woman's mental health can directly affect your child while they are in the womb.

Every thought, action, emotion has a big role to play and can make a difference to the child's personality. Many disturbed children are a result of negative emotions and environment during pregnancy and it is important for the mother to maintain a happy and hopeful mind. These are some ways that your emotional state can affect your baby: 

An unspoken bond

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The connection that a child and mother have is like no other and it is possible that most children will not even have this close a bond with their fathers. It is something that men will never understand but it is just how it is. The bond that a mother and child share is unbreakable and women are born with natural nurturing instincts as compared to men. 

Healing abilities

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Any sane woman would do anything to keep her child feeling safe and happy which of course means that the bond is strong but a child in the womb can do the same for an expecting mother. The child can extract stem cells to damaged organs or aching parts of the body to help the mother from the inside out. 


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There are many couples who get pregnant by accident and are unprepared to have a baby. However, once the deed is done and the baby is in the womb, you have to be very careful about what you are thinking and feeling. If you have chosen to continue with the pregnancy, it is important that you do so with a happy and collected mind. 


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Almost 10% of expecting mothers are diagnosed with depression and there are quite a few signs to look for — lack of sleep, lethargy, inability to focus, as well as a loss of appetite. This can definitely affect your child while it is in the womb. Depression tends to release hormones such as cortisol which can affect the development of the child's brain and can also affect fetal growth. 


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Depression is not only mentally and physically exhausting for normal people who are diagnosed with it but it is much worse for mothers who are expecting. The biggest thing that depression with pregnant mothers affects is your unborn child's IQ. 


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Most of us are well aware of the symptoms and side effects of postpartum depression and how it affects mothers who have recently given birth. This is a pretty serious disorder and being in this sort of state is very unhealthy and negative for your newborn. Work on your mental issues and create a happy and bright environment for your child.


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Stress is a part of everyday life and even more so in the fast-paced and chaotic world, we live in. However, when it comes to pregnancy, it is very bad for a woman to be under prolonged stress as this could be very harmful to the child. Stress hormones can end up releasing many chemical compounds and cause chronic stress even after they are born. 


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Some women have many issues with anxiety and can tend to remain skeptical and anxious for the most part of their pregnancy which will also cause the child to be born with several emotional issues. This can also cause them to suffer from anxiety due to the hormonal imbalance of anxiety compounds which were circulating through the pregnant mother's body. 

Learnt behavior

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If an expecting mother is always sad or feeling low, this can have a major impact on the child. When a pregnant mother is under a lot of negative stress or is suffering from some mental illness, the child will also be born with emotional stability issues. This is why doctors recommend a happy and peaceful environment. 

Susceptible to disease

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When a woman is in a bad mood, or suffering from any sort of mental illness, it is possible that our body's immune system gets extremely weak. This is what happens to a child in the womb even after being born and if the pregnant mother fails at taking care of her own immune system, this would definitely affect the child's health and immune system as well. 

Crying in the womb

Many people will be unaware of this fact but the first time a baby cries is not in the delivery room or outside of a birthing pool but it actually first cries when it is in the womb. Many researchers believe that babies have the ability to silently cry in the womb as early as 28 weeks and hence it is important to make sure that the expecting mother is happy and keeping sane.

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