Thighlighting is the latest plastic surgery craze sparked by supermodels, but it comes at a price!

Taking over the throne from designer vaginas, dermabrasion, and tummy tuck surgeries — 2017's most painful and popular plastic surgery fad is here and it's taken the world by storm.
It's called thighlighting.

The term was coined to describe the many different leg-centric plastic surgeries and entails liposuction, thigh lifts and whittling down thigh size and dimension, which also covers the calf implants.

The result? You will get a more shapely, 'contoured' leg that will give a lift to the person’s overall height.

Body obsession scaling new frontiers

Plastic surgeon Dr. Rian Maercks of the Maercks Institute in Miami, told Yahoo Style that women are inspired by the thigh-slit gown worn by A-listers like Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Karlie Kloss, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, who have flaunted their stunning legs frequently in outfits across red-carpet events.

JLO's legs are much in demand among women. Source: Getty

In an interview with The Independent, Cosmetic doctor Dr. Esho of The ESHO Clinic in London explained how the recent Hollywood appearances are centered more on showing legs, which has acted like a catalyst for the popularity of the trend among women.

The observation isn't entirely wrong— scores of fitness videos on YouTube are dedicated to workouts for achieving slimmer thighs and more sculpted quads.

Kendall Jenner rocks a thigh-high gown on the red carpet. Source: Instagram

"When contoured correctly, the shape of the thighs helps to elongate the legs, creating a desirable silhouette," he told The Independent. "The legs look longer and the body as a whole looks leaner," he added.

"The ESHO Clinic sees several patients for body contouring procedures. While the lower body and thighs used to account for only 15 percent of these procedures, it is now at least a third," Dr. Esho revealed.

In an article published in Hollywood Reporter, thighlighting has many connoisseurs including celebrities and everyday women who have taken the path of non-invasive and/or surgical thighlighting procedures. Some doctors stick to a specialized liposuction process that helps in levelling the fat and tissue variations in the limb.

In an interview with HelloGiggles, NYC Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman explained what exactly is thighlighting. "Thighlighting may include lasers to remove visible spider veins, chemical peels to even skin tones, radiofrequency treatments to tighten the skin, and even micro-liposuction to help define the quads and calf muscles," he explained.

"Since everyone is different and has different needs, each treatment is different. Patients are evaluated by myself and our medical esthetician and a customized treatment plan is created. Sometimes improvement can be obtained with a single treatment, while other times a series of treatments are required," he added further.

"Thighs are always an area of concern for women," Dr. Gabriel Chu told the Hollywood Reporter. "Also, thighs are an area that makes a dramatic difference in the overall body. When contoured right to elongate the legs, they can help create a better proportion, thus the entire physique looks leaner and longer," Dr. Chu added.

Though the trend originated in the USA, the procedure is getting a lot of popularity in the UK too, with many Harley Street clinics offering thighlighting services to women who are keen to have their thighs shaped perfectly without clocking hours in the gym.

Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe, told HelloGiggles how he uses nonsurgical techniques like BodyFx, which 'kills fat cells, tightens skin and improves the appearance of cellulite,' and FormaPlus, used to tighten skin and improve “tone and laxity by creating new collagen.”

Bella Hadid's legs are desired by women across US and UK. Source: Instagram/Bella Hadid

But the procedure needs a hefty bank-balance to support. Adding up all the procedures, the total cheque comes up to  £7,000 ( a little above $9k dollars).

Who said beauty comes without a price?

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