12 things strong women don't accept in a relationship

Strong women are those who have a very clear idea of who they are as a person. They are highly self-aware and they know exactly what they want and do not want in their lives. They are driven, ambitious, and they are the ones to fight their battles alone. They do not expect a lot from their partners in a relationship apart from trust, loyalty, and honesty but there are certain things they absolutely detest. Here, we have 12 things that strong women find absolutely unacceptable in a relationship.

#1 Jealousy

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Strong women are highly self-aware and hence, they are extremely assured of themselves. This is exactly what they expect from their partners as well. Jealousy, on the partner's part, is something they hate as they are extremely loyal. Trust matters to them and they don't like it when their partners don't trust them.

#2 Manipulation

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Deceit and manipulation are somethings that no one likes but strong women are capable of seeing through these. They understand the tricks and the techniques of manipulators and hence, they prefer staying away from them. Don't try manipulating them, they have a nose for detecting bulls*it.

#3 Tardiness

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Strong women are extremely particular about time and organizations. They are punctual, organized, and meticulous. It is fair for them to expect the same from their partners. Tardiness, therefore, is something that annoys them a lot and they prefer staying away from the same.

#4 Cheating

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No one can accept a cheating partner, least of all the women who like building a relationship based on trust and loyalty. Strong women are generally highly accepting of others and non-judgemental but cheating is crossing the line. Never cheat on a strong woman, she is more than capable of repaying in kind.

#5 Waiting

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Strong women are highly motivated, driven, and ambitious. They hate waiting for things to happen and they hate waiting for decisions. They need people who are quick to decide and do not take their own time coming to a conclusion. They do not like waiting for better things in a relationship as they want them immediately.

#6 Settling 

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Strong women are never the ones to settle in life. Be it their jobs, their family, or their relationships, they only want the best and they work towards it tirelessly. They hate mediocrity and nothing but the best would do for them. So, the person in their lives has to be the best, relative to the woman's expectations, for her to have them.

#7 Domination

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Strong women have a high sense of individuality and are fiercely independent. They are reasonable and prefer discussions over debates. They may seem domineering to those who don't understand them but they value equality the most. Since they do not dominate, they hate being dominated, in turn. They would never stand for a partner who looks to undermine their individuality.

#8 Disrespect 

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Respect is a two-way street. Being honest and sincere themselves, strong women are highly respectful towards others. This is exactly what they want from their partners as well. Give them respect and they will respect you in return. Disrespect them and they can unleash a fury unknown to you.

#9 Lies

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Being strong means being true to ourselves and strong women never lie, either to others or to themselves. It is fair for them to expect the same from their partners as this is what they provide too. Never lie to a strong woman, she can see through it and give it back in an equally ugly manner.

#10 Emotional abuse

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Strong women have a firm grip on their emotions and they know exactly how to handle it. Any form of emotional abuse, therefore, is a strict no-no for them. Any abuse, for that matter, would be dealt with but if you try manipulating them emotionally, they are more than capable of striking back harder.

#11 Negligence

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Never ever neglect a strong woman as she would not take that kindly. Why? Because a strong woman usually commits absolutely. She will give you her everything and that too without asking. Ignoring them, neglecting them, or making them feel unwanted would be the last thing you can do to them.

#12 Self-pity

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Pity is almost the exact opposite of the traits which a strong woman carries. Being strong means having the courage to deal with the worst and that too in a dignified way. Self-pity in her partner is something she will not expect as she herself would not pity the one who can't fight for themselves. Fight together, if you have to, but never indulge in pity.

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