12 Most clear signs of a failing relationship

Relationships are not easy and it takes a lot to keep them working. The couple needs to be alert to each other's needs and they need to put in equal work if they want it to succeed. But sometimes, despite all efforts, relationships do tend to get sour and here we have the 12 most clear signs that reflect the beginning of the end of a relationship. So, if you identify these signs in yours, you may need to start working together with your partner to save your love.

#1 Changes in priority

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A good relationship means that the couple always prioritizes each other over everything else. When a relationship starts declining, other aspects of life start replacing the partners. You may start spending more time with your friends, at the office or doing anything else apart from spending time with each other. This happens unconsciously but you'll need to pay heed.

#2 Dishonesty creeps in

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Being honest with each other no longer matters to you. You start with small lies and soon you start lying about the bigger issues. Your lies soon stop bothering you as well and you just assume that your partner believes everything you say. Pay close attention when you start lying to your partner. It may be the beginning of a decline.

#3 Mistrust

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Trust is the most important factor in a good relationship. Building trust takes time and effort and is usually what long-term relationships are based on. When you start mistrusting your partner and questioning what they say to you then it sparks a level of mistrust which steadily grows and makes the relationship bitter.

#4 Disrespect

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If the partners can't respect each other then there is no future to that relationship. When you start doing things which are disrespectful to your partner or if they start doing the same to you then your relationship is on a slippery slope and you would need extra attention to get things back on track.

#5 You start distancing yourself

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When a relationship starts declining, the intimacy levels dip drastically. You no longer feel the need to express yourself the way you used to and you don't even care if it affects the other person. The distance between you grows and at times, you do it on purpose. If you feel the distance increasing you really need to have a genuine conversation about it.

#6 You develop contempt for each other

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With mistrust and disrespect creeping into your relationship, it is obvious that you start developing contempt for each other. You start hating the very things you loved initially and you start complaining a lot. The feeling of contempt can be extremely sour and usually, it takes huge effort to return from this point.

#7 Sex life declines drastically

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You start losing interest in sex as your relationship declines. You even start making excuses and actively avoiding it. You just don't feel like getting together and you find one way or the other to not have sex. Sex builds intimacy but as you start avoiding it, you start attacking your own intimacy levels which can be seriously damaging.

#8 You become defensive

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You become more and more defensive as your relationship deteriorates. You no longer feel the need to be calm and hear out your partner. Even simple observations start seeming like accusations and you start putting out excuses for everything. If you observe yourself getting defensive, make sure you find out the reason behind your behavior.

#9 You start questioning everything

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As your relationship goes sour, doubt creeps in. You start questioning everything from your decision to be together to the things you liked about each other. You start questioning your partner's loyalties and once you reach that point, there usually is no coming back.

#10 Resentment seeps in

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Resentment can really break a relationship. Resentment breeds hatred and when a couple, once in love, starts hating each other there really is no scope for a comeback. Try your best to avoid being in this position as it does not bode well for either of you.

#11 Fights become bitter

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Every couple fights but the couples in a well-working relationship work towards resolution of the issues between them. When the relationship is on a decline, however, the fights start becoming personal, you start becoming meaner and the aim is not resolution but hurting each other. If this is the point you have reached then you need to drastically and immediately talk about your relationship.

#12 You constantly keep thinking of other options

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Your partner starts moving away from your list of priorities and you actively start looking for other options. You start seeking potential partners, first unconsciously and then actively. This is almost the point of no return and if you have reached here, you really need to think long and hard about the relationship.

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