11 differences between dating a boy and dating a man

Dating can be incredibly fun and the dates can be exciting if you have the right partner with you. But dating can also become a liability and a problem if the other person is not mature enough or acts in ways, which makes you uncomfortable. Dating a man and dating a boy could actually be the difference between a great date and a decent one.

Here, we have 11 most startling differences that you may observe between dating a man and dating a boy.

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#1 Possessive vs protective

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A boy is not mature enough to understand that you are your own person and that you have an identity of your own. A boy, therefore, tends to get possessive and may think of you as something to possess but a man understands and will protect you without hindering your sense of individuality. He does not possess, he lets you be.

#2 Taken for granted vs challenges

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A boy, in time, would start taking you for granted. He would assume things about you and act in a manner which may not be acceptable for you. A man, on the other hand, would always challenge you to grow. He will ask for permissions and act with consent. A boy does neither of these things.

#3 Interested in your life for different reasons

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A boy may be interested in you for something he may get out of the relationship. He may have completely different reasons for being with you. A man, on the other hand, would be interested in you for who you are as a person. He would be interested in your personality and would show you exactly what he likes or dislikes.

#4 Focus on self vs focus on you

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A boy would usually be self-involved. Everything in a conversation or in the relationship would be about him. A man, on the other hand, would give you equal space in the relationship. He would make sure that you move as a couple and not alone. The focus would be on 'we' rather than 'me'.

#5 Imposing vs understanding

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A boy usually would tend to impose his views or opinions on you. He would try to impose his ideas on you and try to undermine your personality. A man, on the other hand, would try to understand your thoughts and the way you are. He would not impose, he would accept.

#6 Trying to impress vs trying to express

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A boy would spend his time and energy in trying to impress you. He would do things that he thinks you would like in order to make an impression on you. A man would rather express himself. the things he would do, he would do because he cares and not because he wishes to gain something out of it.

#7 Making excuses vs fixing things

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A boy would make excuses for mistakes. He would try to find a way out of a difficult situation. A man, on the other hand, tries to fix things. He tries to find a way to solve an issue rather than run away. He would fight rather than take flight.

#8 Blaming vs assuming responsibility

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If something goes wrong in a relationship, a boy would immediately start pointing fingers and blaming you or someone else for the problem. A man, on the other hand, would stand up and assume responsibility. He would accept his mistakes and try to rectify them for the sake of both of you.

#9 Superficial beauty vs real beauty

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A boy would be attracted to the way you look. He would be attracted by the outer beauty and would move away if your beauty declines. A man, however, would look at your personality first and then your external beauty. He would understand you for who you are rather than how you look.

#10 Present vs the future

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A boy would be wholly focused on the present and he may not have the vision to look into the future. A man would, however, look at the relationship with the future in his mind. He will have a long-term view of the relationship and he would accordingly plan his life.

#11 Fragile ego vs self-aware

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A boy may suffer from a fragile ego which may get hurt at the slightest things. He may get defensive and act in childish ways. A man, on the other hand, is aware of who he is and what he is not. It is this awareness that strengthens his personality and makes him a 'man'.

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