Woman who fabricated story about being attacked by Muslim sex mob, found murdered in a field

Mai and Irina Aizina made headlines last year when they made up a story about 50 Muslim men going into a club early on New Year’s Day and groping women on the dance floor.

The woman who claimed that Asian refugees had sexually assaulted women in a pub managed by a friend of hers has been found dead. 29-year-old Irina Aizina was found murdered and dumped in a field outside Frankfurt, Germany. Now the bar manager who allegedly conspired with Irina, his former business partner, has been detained by law enforcement on suspicion of her murder, according to a report in the Daily Star.

50-year-old Jan Mai wrongly claimed that Muslim gangs had plundered his bar and assaulted women. Irina was reportedly an accomplice in concocting the plot. Irina had backed up Mai's claims in an interview by journalists in relation to the alleged refugee raid. Last year, she made headlines in the German media after claiming she had been nabbed and sexually harassed by a mob of Muslim immigrants.

According to her, the sex gang had stormed the 'First' nightclub and groped female patrons. In relatively graphic detail, Mai had recounted how "50 Arab men" had raided his bar, assaulting women and stealing their jackets on New Year's Eve. She said she had been "groped everywhere“ and that she was “lucky she had been wearing tights.”

Irina, originally from Moldova, had reportedly invested in the bar Mai was working at and their plan backfired, causing the pub to shut down. After their alleged publicity stunt went awry, the Estonian national Irina had reportedly agreed to meet with Mai in order to discuss getting her investment funds back, according to local media.  

Law enforcement found 20 stab wounds on Irina's body after Mai allegedly attacked her. Last week, her wounded body was found by a dog walker in a field near Frankfurt. Reporting that her body was left "mutilated beyond recognition", police said that Irina was stabbed several times in the face and the body.

When investigators searched the body, they found that a purse and some jewelry were missing. They concluded that her body had been dragged into the grass within the grounds of Frankfurt's Niddapark, after being murdered someplace else. The 29-year-old's white Mercedes SUV was found in a car park nearby. At the time of her murder, Irina was reportedly wearing black dungarees, studded trainers, and a black top. 

After two days of meticulous investigation, Mai's blood was also found at the crime scene and he was immediately arrested. However, investigators have not yet recovered the murder weapon. Mai had been described as a man with "big muscles" and close ties to a motorcycle gang in the Bild report. According to the Daily Beast, Mai had come home from Dubai with his sons just days before his arrest. He allegedly bragged about the hundreds of apartments that he owned and argued with Irinia about the money invested in the nightclub.  

In a conversation with the Daily Beast, a friend of Irina from Moldova, Aleksey Antoni, said that they had discussed the bar in the past but said she never mentioned Mai. He said that he knew of Mai only through photos that she had shared with him. The duo was scheduled to appear in court over the fake immigrant accusations next month.

Mai's claims about the pub attack came after a slew of sexual assaults in central Cologne that rocked Germany back in December 31, 2015. Several German citizens were shocked after learning about the sex attacks and severely criticized the government's decision to grant asylum to up to one million refugees the last year.

Nadja Nielsen, the chief prosecutor presiding over the case, has not yet responded to a request for comment regarding the case.

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