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'Legacies': Fans speculate on who dies first in the show, knowing showrunner Julie Plec's penchant for killing characters

Showrunner Julie Plec, who also developed 'The Originals/The Vampire Diaries' universe, is known for writing in at least one tragic character death in the first season of her shows

CW's 'Legacies' is almost halfway through its first season and so far, we've had no deaths. We've had some close encounters with terrifying monsters but all the students of Salvatore School for the Young and the Gifted have remained unharmed. Hope Mikaelson and the Saltzman twins have found a way to keep everyone safe, every single time. However, fans believe this happiness may be short-lived. 

Showrunner Julie Plec, who also served as showrunner for the 'The Originals/The Vampire Diaries' universe, is known for writing in at least one tragic character death in the first season. Fans are speculating that for 'Legacies' first season, it will definitely be Milton Greasley aka MG. The speculations arose after last week's episode 'Mombie Dearest'. The episode featured a number of zombies and MG, along with Hope and Penelope Park fight them off and rescue Josie Saltzman.

One fan pointed out, "When MG killed the zombies, he wasn't fazed but nearing the end remember how he said he liked it, then referred to himself as a superhero. Superheroes usually sacrifice something or themselves. So expect him to die maybe or someone close." Another fan agreed, saying, "I thought the same. We all know Julie offs at least one character in the first season, and part of me is thinking it's going to be MG. He's one of the characters that everyone likes within the story, and his death would have one of the biggest impacts on the remaining characters."

MG's character has been one of the most liked in the show so far. He has great relationships with everyone at school and has a squeaky clean reputation — fans think that will end up being his downfall. "MG is such a sweet character and he doesn't deserve to die. So... knowing JP, he bites the dust," noted another fan. 

Fans are certain that it would be him because of his position in the storyline. MG is definitely a viable candidate for the first death on 'Legacies'. He's one of those characters that has a great story arc, making his death impactful to other characters. At the same time, he's a side character so his death wouldn't cause much of a difference to the main plot. Since Hope, Rafael, the twins and Landon are pretty important to the overall arc of the show, it leaves MG and Kaleb as liabilities. Unfortunately, fans aren't as emotionally attached to him as they are to MG, making him the number one fall guy, fans think. 

If he does die a hero, fans speculate it would be saving his lady love, Lizzie Saltzman — that is, if he makes it long enough on the show for The Merge.

MG and Lizzie's complicated courtship has been going on ever since the show began and it doesn't seem like they will ever get together — at least not until Lizzie can get a grip on her emotions. However, this hasn't stopped MG from trying to woo her back and fans are certain he will do anything to keep her out of harm's way — even give up his own life. "Honestly, I think he's going to go out protecting Lizzie, and that's going to have a significant change in her character moving forward," predicted another fan.

There is also a possibility that MG may die because he transitions into an evil character. Fans think that since he did like killing the zombies and has also mentioned that he has something dark lurking inside him, it would be possible that Malivore, the place where all these monsters keep coming from, would activate his evil side. Things do not look good for MG this season, for sure.