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'The Magicians' season 4: Summer Bishil teases some major confrontations in new season

Actress Summer Bishil gets candid with MEAWW about the latest season, the possible twists in Margo's storyline and about her dream to be the show's antagonist

If you're a fan of SyFy's 'The Magicians', there's one character that you absolutely cannot ignore - Margo Hanson. Not afraid to speak her mind, the High King of Fillory is as competitive as they come. However, there's more to Margo than meets the eye. While you might think she's just a regular meanie without a cause, she is perhaps one of the most practical, smartest and skilled characters on the show. 

"Margo’s story-line truly took me by surprise," says actress Summer Bishil, who has been playing this character for the last three seasons of the successful show.

"I never in a million years would have seen it coming. It’s been a challenge and liberating to play someone like her. It’s just juicy and fun a lot of the times. I am also fiercely protective of her heart, I’ve always wanted to show her heart. Without that her humor and swagger would be hollow so it’s a fine balance," she says.

She also believes that the inherently comedic way her character has been written, it was a challenge to pull off her tone. "It has been challenging playing the tone. The tone of our show is so unique, I think," she adds. And she's absolutely right. Without Margo, how would the show ever keep things unpredictable? 

Summer Bishil attends Entertainment Weekly's Comic-Con Bash held at FLOAT, Hard Rock Hotel San Diego on July 21, 2018 in San Diego, California sponsored by HBO

With the last season ending on a super twisted and absolutely unexpected note, there's a lot that can go wrong for Margo and her fellow Magicians in the new season.

They've lost their memories and magical abilities, making them vulnerable to the world. Bishil gets candid with MEAWW about the latest season, the possible twists in Margo's storyline and about her dream to be the show's antagonist. Here are excerpts from the interview.

Congratulations on the fourth season! What can we expect from Margo going forward? 

I’m always surprised where the writers take Margo’s story. I’ve never once read a script and said, “oh, I saw that coming.”

I think for me personally Janet (The character in Lev Grossman's book on whom Bishil's character is based) was not that much different than Margo. Janet was basically Margo without the experiences that helped her evolve. So much of what she has experienced in Fillory has helped to shape her. So it felt very familiar to play Janet. This year Margo finds a partner other than Eliot. It is sort of thrust upon her by circumstance and it takes her by surprise. She is resistant to it at first but eventually finds herself feeling loyalty and kinship that she has not ever felt outside of Eliot. She also embarks on a long-awaited quest that forces her to confront her demons.

Season 3 was deemed as the best in the series so far - do you think the new upcoming season will beat it?

I do think season four was just as if not more daring than season 3. Season three felt like the show had found itself, settled into itself. Season four felt almost emboldened by season three.

While the Quest of the Seven Keys seemed like the end at first, the finale showed us it is only the beginning. Is it a possibility that in season 4, there may be a point where the past is dissected for answers? Especially when it comes to the monster inside Elliot - what does it want?

The show almost reset itself in the season three finale. If the show were a snow globe it basically just shattered it. It was a clever idea and I didn’t see how or where the writers would take it, but I think they did an excellent job! The past is explored more and it is definitely explored through the lens of the character of Eliot. Episode five is a big exploration of that particular character and his relationship with the others on the show. It’s a nostalgic episode.

Season 3 touched upon politics with the Fillory episode - it was superb! Will we have something like that in season 4? 

I do think that our current political and social conversation is explored not directly but through the storytelling. I can only speculate because I’ve never had this conversation directly with the writers, but I can sense it.

What does Julia’s future look like in season 4? 

Julia is looking to understand what she is and the nature of what she is now after sacrificing her God status. She seems at peace with her decision, confident in her choice and determined to understand her being if you will.

Would you like to tell fans something before they head into the next season?

The only thing I can tell fans heading into the fourth season is to expect the unexpected, in typical Magicians fashion. Everything moves quickly and there is a ton of moving parts.

If there was another character on the show that you could play, which one would it be and why? 

If there was another character on the show I could play I would choose to be the villain. I always thought it would be fun to have played the Beast. I’d like to play the antagonist. Who knows maybe next year I could be the big bad. I always thought it would be fun to play two characters at once.

Catch the gang back in action on 'The Magicians' season 4, every Wednesday at 9/8c on SyFy.