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The Bachelor's Bekah Martinez says that Arie Luyendyk messaged her after he dumped Becca Kufrin

Bekah exposes Arie with the messages that were shared between the two weeks after he dumped her on the show.

Bekah Martinez is not holding back in dragging Arie Luyendyk down the road after he chose to dump Becca Kufrin for  Lauren Burnham. Bekah, who was the fifth-place finisher took to her Instagram and Twitter to share screenshots of the messages that were exchanged between the two after he dumped her on the show.  

Bekah and Arie had ended things because the former racer had said that he was not comfortable with the age gap between the two. Amid this, it so happens that Arie did try to reconnect with her weeks after he decided not to give the rose to Bekah. 

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In one of the Twitter posts, Bekah mentioned that she was glad that she had "dodged a bullet" when Arie decided to not give her a rose. In the DMs that were shared by Bekah, it seemed like a friendly exchange of messages between two friends but according to Bekah, it doesn't really matter to her. 

She wrote that he "was probably being friendly but guess what I DONT CARE HAHAHA, BOY BYEEEEE." This comes days after Arie decided to call off his engagement with Becca in order to ask Lauren to marry him. However, Bekah believes that even though Arie had no intentions of getting back together, messaging an ex-days after he ditched another girl for someone else was not really a good decision.  

One could say that Arie might have had good intentions when he decided to reconnect with Bekah but ever since he decided to choose Lauren by dumping Becca days after proposing her, he is not really in the good books of many. Even people all over social media were not happy about what Arie did and looking at the screenshots that Bekah shared, people seem to lose respect for him even more. 

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"Arie out here treating this break up like he's firing someone from a job," one Twitter user wrote. While another wrote, "Hahahahahaha @ariejr is the biggest f**king tool I’ve ever seen. Becca is a queen. a goddess. thank the LORD he’s out of her life." This comes after Arie decided to ask Lauren to marry him in the "After the final rose" special. 

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