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'The Bachelor' season 23: Eliminated contestant Adrianne Jane Aver has no regrets and would do it all over again

Aver, though she had a nice entrance and a memorable one at that, was among the contestants who were sent home on the very first night of 'The Bachelor' season 23

'The Bachelor' season 23, is up and about in full swing. With two episodes done and dusted to date, and the third one set to air Monday, we witnessed a crazy amount of drama. This year the series also had its very first virgin bachelor - none other than NFL player, Colton Underwood.

Underwood is not new to the series. He had previously appeared on 'The Bachelorette' and then ended up on 'Bachelor in Paradise.' When the season began, Underwood had 30 ladies vying for his attention. Sadly, by the end of the premiere, seven women were sent home. To date, 11 women have been sent home. Among them is Adrianne 'Jane' Aver. In an exclusive interview with MEAWW, Aver spoke about the little time she spent in the mansion and Underwood. She revealed she has no regrets being on the show.

Starting off, Aver spoke to us about her entrance. She gave Underwood a photoshopped picture of her dog and his dog, Sniper, together. Though it was a lovely gesture, it all went downhill. Because Underwood could not recognize his own dog. He asked Aver if those were her dogs. Talking about it she revealed, Underwood's reaction to his own dog's photoshopped portrait gave them something to laugh about. "My first reaction was honestly a laugh because he was obviously nervous standing up there, just like I was nervous, presenting the photo," said Aver.

She revealed it did help break the ice between them. "So when he didn't recognize the dog, it actually gave us something to laugh about for a few minutes or a few seconds actually and kind of break the ice. But, you know, luckily he got it together and he was like, oh that's my dog. So then we had a good laugh about that too." 

Aver, though she had a nice entrance and a memorable one at that, was among the contestants sent home the very first night. When we asked her if this was due to a lack of connection between the duo, she said: "I think my one-on-one time with Colton was a really good experience and even connection, you know, we were laughing a lot. The conversation was very light and sweet but there were no awkward pauses, there was nothing uncomfortable. So I was definitely surprised when I didn't get the rose just because our one-on-one did go really smoothly and it was super positive. So I don't know what went wrong or what connection was a miss, but it felt good to me."

She revealed the duo had a really good bonding in the little time they spent, and was surprised not to be given a rose. Overall Jane revealed she has no regrets and if she ever gets a chance to do it again, she might just put her nerves aside and be more aggressive.

Following her appearance on the show, in the second episode, Billy Eichner teased Underwood might be the very first gay bachelor and we might not even know about it yet. When we asked Aver what her thoughts were on that she said, "That Colton could be a gay Bachelor, I mean he's choosing a girl. I do not see how that is possible." Apart from this, she revealed she is open to the idea of the show having a gay bachelor and thinks the show's producers would find it interesting too.

We asked Aver if she is currently seeing anybody and the social worker replied in the negative and said she is currently focusing on work. Though she did not make it far on 'The Bachelor' Aver revealed the most memorable part for her was her entrance. "I was super excited and I felt very comfortable, you know coming up to Colton. So, definitely my entrance was super memorable. I was super proud of myself."

Now that she is eliminated, Aver does have a fair chance of making it to 'The Bachelorette' or 'The Bachelor in Paradise'. When we asked her which she would prefer, she said: "I mean I would go for either. I think if I got the opportunity to be 'The Bachelorette', that would be like absolutely amazing. That's like such a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 'Bachelor in Paradise' would also be good either way."