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'The Bachelor' Season 23: Smitten couple Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph redo hometown date, dad seems to approve too

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph are having the time of their lives together and are in love. Recently, the couple had a do-over of their hometown date.

'The Bachelor' season 23 is now officially done after a very dramatic season. This was one season where Chris Harrison's claims delivered. There was immense drama throughout the season, starting from the pageant queen drama between Caelynn Keyes and Hannah Brown to Demi Burnett's tiff with Tracy Shapoff and Courtney Curtis. But fans and viewers got to witness the main drama during the fantasy suite rounds. 

There were tears and breakup talk, beginning from when Cassie Randolph revealed she does not love Underwood, after which he jumped the fence in the middle of the night. And the next day, he went and eliminated Hannah Godwin and Tayshia Adams telling them everything is over. Following him eliminating Godwin and Adams, Underwood went to Randolph's hotel and convinced her to get with him.

Finally, after a lot of convincing, Randolph agreed to give Underwood and their relationship a chance. Though the season did not end with an engagement like other seasons, Underwood and Randolph are having the time of their lives together and are in love. Recently, the couple even had a do-over of their hometown date along with meeting Randolph's father.

This caught the attention of fans and viewers because Randolph's father previously did not give his blessing to Underwood to marry his daughter. And when the couple were on their trip to Portugal during the fantasy suite round, Randolph's father visited his daughter and advised her to rethink her decision of getting with Underwood. 

But now, after seeing Underwood bond well with Randolph's father, fans are happy he did not give up on Randolph and appreciate his patience. They are also glad Underwood finally looks like he has Randolph's father's blessings. 

"So glad that Cassie’s dad is so supportive now. You did everything he could ask for, and didn’t rush the relationship Glad everything worked out," wrote a fan. While another added, "That's what I'm talkin[g] about all your dad needed was some time and then he probably loves Colton now because of what he saw and how Colton fought for your love and did everything the way he should, love it."

Apart from this, fans also agree with Underwood and Randolph's decision to not get engaged immediately and advise the couple to take their time. "Sweet pic. See having great love doesn’t have to mean you need to be engaged anytime soon. You have all the time in the world take your time enjoy yourselves. You two do make a very beautiful couple Live, Laugh, and love," said a fan. Another fan chimed, "You guys look so relaxed and at ease. Don’t have to be engaged to be happy." 

Now that 'The Bachelor' season 23 is done and dusted, in May the premiere episode of 'The Bachelorette' season 15 will air on ABC. Check your local listings for more information.