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'Sally4Ever': A major 'IF' to another round of Julia Davis' humor after last episode airs Sunday

On December 10, a never-seen before pilot of Julia Davis' 2014 sitcom starring David Schwimmer was uploaded to the internet, However, it was, just as swiftly taken down.

'Sally4Ever,' the love it or hate it show that reached American shores November 11, will witness its last episode this coming Sunday. So far, Emma, played by creator Julia Davis herself, has made us cringe so hard just by being a typical Davis villain - which implies a narcissistic sociopath on a spree to ruin lives - and so far, she successfully has with regards to not just her lover, Sally's, but also Sally's friend, Kate's, and, of course, David's.

David played by Alex Macqueen, Sally played by Catherine Shepherd and Emma played by Julia Davis (Source: HBO)

While we hope the last episode is a redemptive one because Sally deserves her happiness and on saying that we eye Nigel, Sally's co-worker, to be the silver lining. No matter how the show ends its season, Davis, the queen of dark comedy, expressed earlier that unlike the original U.K. version 'Camping,'  that she created, 'Sally4Ever' has ample potential to come back for a second season

Given that Davis has ventured to American shores and anchored the American audience with dark British humor, there's a soaring hope the show will be renewed by HBO and its co-producers the Sky Atlantic. The creator of 'Nighty Night' and 'Hunderby,' Davis has, however, established herself as a force to be reckoned with, so no matter what happens, she is always on the go, working on scripts and stories almost every day.

Julia Davis (R) winner of the Writing Award at the Sky Women In Film & TV Awards at London Hilton on December 2, 2016 in London, England. (Source: Getty Images)

What's next for Davis is still unanswered but on December 10, a never-seen before comedy pilot, Davis created for Channel 4 along with Nick Mohammed, surfaced on the internet. The series titled 'Morning Has Broken,' starred Georgie Glen, Seb Cardinal, Jamie Demetriou, and Asim Chaudhry besides Davis and Mohammed.

A quick search on the series revealed the pilot was filmed in 2014 and was directed by Dan Clark. The show described to be a breakfast television spoof was commissioned to become a series in 2015 but never made it to air. Just like 'Sally4Ever,' the series was also slated to air in the United States with 'Friends' star David Schwimmer signing on for a starring role as a U.S. producer looped in to try to save the struggling daytime show.

Davis was playing the antagonist role of a demanding and self-centered daytime television presenter, while Mohammed played her co-host. Mohammed was recently seen in episode 4 of 'Sally4Ever,' where he played an assistant director with Seb Cardinal as the director and Lena Headey as the main actor and Davis on the side role.

Mohammed uploaded the never-seen pilot but the video was quickly taken down on December 11. It created a few buzzes, but if at all the show airs, a major "if," then the void left by 'Sally4Ever,' after its last episode airs may just as well be replaced, not erased.

'Morning Has Broken,' follows the story of a popular television personality, Gail Sinclair, who is dubbed to be the 'Queen of Daytime.' But when things take a turn for the worse after eight glorious years of high ratings and winning awards, Sinclair's program begins to lose viewers and tensions break out within the production team.

Her personal life is also in turmoil. Separated from husband Craig and currently undergoing relationship counseling with little success, her 14-year old daughter bears the brunt of her mother's frustrations about age, weight and staying young.

The reason for the show's cancellation was reported to be a "mutual decision" taken between the production company Brown Eyed Boy and Channel 4 so as to "not take the project any further." But if at all broadcasted, a major "if," then our staple dose of Davis' dark humor should be sorted. Isn't New Year's about new hope anyway?