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'Outlander': First look at 'Down the Rabbit Hole' shows 1700's is no Wonderland, Brianna looks helpless and Roger, beardless

Looks like Brianna Randall will have a hard time in the 18th century and Roger seems excited to follow her

The much-anticipated episode highlighting Brianna Randall's time-travel arrives Sunday and by the first look released, Brianna looks a mess when she sets foot into the 18th century. When we saw the red-head lass the last time, she was dressed elegantly in an 18th century outfit as she stepped into the stones of 20th century Craigh na Dun.

However, episode 6 titled 'Blood of my Blood,' skipped Brianna's scenes and fate in its entirety, but looks like the seventh episode, titled 'Down the Rabbit Hole,' is all going to be about Brianna and her time-traveling fate.

The episode's pictures released show Brianna is prim and proper in the 20th-century, but in the 18th century, she looks like a wreck, to say the least. Perched in the woods at night, Brianna has lit a small fire by her side and her once-neat-hair has gone all haywire. Her facial expression looks rather horrified as she clenches on to her shawl to keep herself warm in the blistering cold of ancient Scotland.

Sophie Skelton (Brianna Randall Fraser) - Outlander Episode 407 (Source: Starz)

In the trailer released, we see Brianna venturing through the scenic snowcapped landscape navigating her way alone. So, joining the dots of the trailer and the episode's stills, looks like Brianna will be on her own for quite some time.

The purpose of her visit from Boston to Scotland and then to 18th century Scotland is to rescue her parents Jamie and Claire Fraser from the fire that will claim the lives of both her parents in sometime in the 1770s. In the trailer, she can be heard saying there will be a fire and she can "prevent their death" if she goes to them now.

However, the journey she is on, is fraught with adversity as Stephen Bonnet, the villainous pirate who robbed her parents in the first episode of season 4, is also in the upcoming episode, so that's a clear indication Brianna's time-travel journey will be a toughie.

However, steadily following her through the stones and into the new world is her ex-boyfriend Roger MacKenzie, who just like Brianna, dressed up for the 18th century and managed to shave off his beard. (I can't take him seriously though because of his crooked mentality of marrying a virgin and breaking up with Brianna in the previous episodes). Anyway, moving on, or in Outlander's case, moving back, Roger reaches the stones accompanied by Fiona Graham and in the trailer ominously questions "Do you hear that?"

Richard Rankin (Roger MacKenzie), Iona Claire (Fiona) - Outlander Episode 407 (Source: Starz)

In the still released, it looks like Roger is cheered on by Fiona to take the leap, and as amazing as that is, I still don't get why he shaved off his beard. Maybe to fit in, but our beloved Jamie Fraser has a thin lining beard and Murtagh Fraser rocks a thick one. I was hoping Brianna would find herself a better suitor in the 18th century, just like her mother did, but beardless Roger following her with his stuck-up mentality just kills the fairytale I was secretly hoping for.

'Outlander' airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Starz.