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'Outlander': Sam Heughan is as brilliant as Caitriona Balfe, so why'd he get snubbed again at the Golden Globe nominations?

Caitriona Balfe has managed a streak of nominations for the Golden Globes Best Actress category. We wonder why Sam Heughan, who plays her lover, hasn't ever been nominated yet.

Starz's time-traveling series 'Outlander,' was quick to gain popularity throughout the world ever since its premiere in 2014 despite speculation the viewers would be niche. Drawing parallels with massive hits such as 'Game of Thrones,' Outlander contended at award shows including The Emmys and the Golden Globes and it continues to do so, but not without glitches with hardly any fault of their own.

With the recent list of nominees released for the upcoming 2019 Golden Globes, Caitriona Balfe, the heroine of 'Outlander', who plays the role of Claire Randall Fraser, secured her fourth nomination in a row. But much to fans' dismay, her equally excellent co-actor Sam Heughan, was snubbed off the nomination list again.

The Scottish red-head actor who rose to critical acclaim for the role of Jamie Fraser and bagged four nominations for the Saturn Awards, and a nomination for the Critics' Choice Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series, was once again nowhere on the Golden Globes list. Fans were quick to react.

With the current on-going season four of 'Outlander,' the 38-year-old actor has convinced us he is more than just a beautiful face. His suave good looks are definitely a bonus but as Twitter users have pointed out, good looks are not enough to be an accomplished actor, for example.... okay never mind. The point is, the Scottish actor has taken the world by storm with his outstanding rendition of a highland lass, in love with a time-traveled woman, Claire Fraser.

Balfe's portrayal of a woman caught up in time and juggling between two different worlds while battling conflicts, overcoming adversities and fighting for survival to be with the man she loves while also nursing and nurturing the weak and the wounded, has left a massive impression on the fans. But crediting her success and ignoring Heughan, who is as brilliant as she is, does not sit well with fans. Heughan's part in 'Outlander,' as the 18th century lover of a 20th century woman, is integral and contributes a large portion of the show's success.

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan plays Claire and Jamie Fraser

As mentioned above, Starz's secret weapon, 'Outlander', has won ample awards including People's Choice Awards, and Balfe has received well-deserved nominations. However, at the same time, the protagonist of the show, who plays a major role in the plot of the show, has been dismissed in a very unfair manner.

Not just with Golden Globes, even with regards to the Emmys, the actor was snubbed this year too and fans went on to accuse the award jury of being unfair to good-looking talented actors. Heughan's lack of a nomination to a category he deserves to be in has been called an unforgivable snub of all time.

Sam Heughan attends the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on March 4, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California.

Of course, the competition is fierce and this year's nominations for the Best Actors category includes powerful names such as; Jason Bateman (Ozark), Stephan James (Homecoming), Richard Madden ('Bodyguard'), Billy Porter ('Pose'), and Matthew Rhys ('The Americans').

However, Heughan's miss is still reeled over because last year in season 3 of 'Outlander,' he proved his worth for a Golden Globes nomination with tear-jerking scenes such as Jamie Fraser saying goodbye to his son Willie when leaving Helwater, and making our emotions brim when Jamie ended the war with Black Jack Randall with absolutely no words spoken.

So far in season four, Heughan has charmed us even more by forming a truce with the Native Americans and avoiding using the word 'savages' to address them. His love for his wife has intensified tenfold, even when you thought it was at its peak, he still takes it forward. Calm and composed, even when fraught with danger, Jamie has built Fraser's Ridge, and let's not forget his wood-chopping scenes. The prevailing truth remains he has anchored the success of 'Outlander' and continues to do so, along with Balfe.


While the reason for the actor's snub isn't clear at all, fans feel the Starz's show isn't getting the respect it deserves in the Emmys and Golden Globes circles, and that the reception would be different if the show aired on HBO, or perhaps that the jury has something against handsome young hunks because even Kit Harrington and Michael B. Jordon were snubbed in this year's Emmys. 

No matter what the reason is, Heughan is not just perceived as a sex symbol by 'Outlander' fans, he sets the premise of what 'Outlander' is based on. No one can imagine 'Outlander' without Jamie Fraser and no one can replace Jamie's portrayal by Heughan. The actor who contended and was considered to play the role of James Bond in 2020, said "Sassenach" better than any actor ever could. We can bet on that!