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'Now Apocalypse' episode 2 review: Sexcapades and reptile aliens as we delve deeper into Uly's psyche in 'Where Is My Mind?'

In the second episode, we see Uly's best friends Carly and Ford push the envelope in their sex lives while Uly deals with his premonitions (hallucinations) about reptile aliens

The first episode of 'Now Apocalypse' ended with Uly walking in on a reptile alien having sex with a man, followed by which he passed out in shock. Just before that, he had taken a spill on his bike and the entire alien encounter is probably him hallucinating, but he is not ready to give up on his theories about reptile aliens on Earth.

He doesn't share this with his roommate Ford, who is dealing with his own problems - Severine's nature of disconnecting right after sex! The two look at each other awkwardly, while Ford points out, "You look like you saw a boogeyman" and continues to work out in his boxers. So far, it looks like Uly reserves conversations about his dating life, sex life and encounters with aliens for Carly's ears only.

A still of Uly and Ford in 'Now Apocalypse'. (Source: Starz)

The second episode continues with the same theme and this time Carly has a lot to say about Uly's "research" on reptile aliens. She asks him, in reference to some random guy explaining theories about reptile aliens, "Some jackhole on social media is your idea of evidence?"

He doesn't want to give up and even shows Carly references of how Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, Adolf Hitler, Queen Elizabeth and even Beyonce are all reptile aliens who can shapeshift. He further adds, "I feel like you are not taking me seriously" which has us laughing out loud, because why would he be taken seriously? The entitlement here and Carly's rebuttal is a sharp look at two sides of millennial conversations today and all of this is shown with subtlety. 

He further adds insult to the injury when he tries to bring up the "cosmic orgasm" that he had at with Gabriel in the previous episode. Carly just says, "Don't make it too big a deal" and we want to say especially when the guy is trying to ghost you. At this point, she says she is "cash rich" this week as she has been camming for money. Uly is surprised but doesn't comment on her choice of part-time profession. 

While Ford is busy socializing with a shifty producer, Uly complains too Carly about how he is worried about Ford. He says, "I love Ford like a b***job on a Sunday afternoon," but even he couldn't read past three pages of the latter's screenplay. He is worried Ford will be taken advantage of by the producer. Carly, on the other hand, is worried about having to put out with her boyfriend for some very average sex. 

Here's where the show takes a turn for the better as Gregg Araki and co-writer Karley Sciortino set up scenes where two different couples find ways to spice up their sex lives. Carly tries her hand at BDSM with her boyfriend Jethrow when he discovers her box full of sex toys that she uses while camming. Severine, Ford's girlfriend, on the other hand, introduces Ford to her polyamorous friend and tries out cuckolding, which weirds out Ford initially, but he gets a hang of it. 

Uly, however, is still trying to get hold of Gabriel who hasn't replied since the night of their "cosmic orgasm" and tries to learn about how to deal with his premonitions, which we would like to call hallucinations.