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'Now Apocalypse': Beau Mirchoff as Ford is the hot straight guy who subverts stereotypes with subtlety

Beau Mirchoff plays the role of Ford in Gregg Araki's 'Now Apocalypse' and here's why we love Ford's character

'Now Apocalypse' sees Beau Mirchoff play the role of Ford who is a '0' on the Kinsey scale, a hot looking blonde man who knows he is not intelligent. However, he subtly subverts the stereotype of a heterosexual hot man who is dumb. He is Ulysses (Avan Jogia's) roommate in the show, and Uly is in love with him.

In fact, in the first episode of the show, we see Uly confess his feelings on his vlog and say that if Ford had an inkling of ambiguity with respect to his sexual orientation, he would be married to him. In just the two episodes of the show that has been aired so far, Ford displays a range of characteristics that subtly subverts stereotypes about heterosexual men.

Ford is an aspiring screenwriter in 'Now Apocalypse'. (Source: Starz)

Ford is an aspiring screenwriter - not a model, especially considering his looks; but a writer. He doesn't seem to be too good at it, taking into account how Uly, his best friend is unable to go past the third page. However, he keeps at it long enough and is also optimistic about his chances when a producer hands him over a card and invites him to a red carpet event. While to the viewers, it might seem like he is being hit on by the men in the industry, and to Uly it looks like someone is trying to use his friend; Ford really doesn't think about it at all.

A still of Ford with his girlfriend Severine in 'Now Apocalypse'. (Source: Starz)

Even when it comes to his relationships, unlike the many other heterosexual millennial men who we see on shows wanting multiple partners, Ford craves for exclusivity with his girlfriend Severine. While she doesn't want to be boxed in and even encourages him to try having sex with other women in her presence, he still needs to say "I love you" for a climax. This is quite interesting in the face of assumptions about men being ever ready for action anytime, anywhere.

Ford with his best friend Ulysses in 'Now Apocalypse'. (Source: Starz)

Ford also contemplates about his relationships, but while working out in his boxers and even considers sharing his thoughts about Severine with his best friend Uly. At the end of episode 2, Ford as the hot heterosexual best friend, is a character that throws you off once in a while with a mere line or a look. While you initially underestimate his role in the show for being not too intelligent like Carly, or too eccentric like Uly, he adds value to the vibe of 'Now Apocalypse' being just who he is. 

And as a millennial, it is important to be accepted for who one is without judgement and questions, to become friends with flawed individuals and if it warrants, to celebrate those "flaws" in each other. We have that in Ford!