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'The Umbrella Academy': Number Five's obsession with the mannequin Dolores is really strange

While we've covered just how sweet Hazel and Agnes' reationship was in the series, Number Five went the other way with his relationship.

In what would be one of the weirdest takes on the superhero genre, 'The Umbrella Academy' is no stranger to placing far-out story arcs in their series, while not giving any explanation as to why they're there in the first place. Fans, while used to having no explanation, are still stuck over a few aspects of the show which seem a little out there, even for 'The Umbrella Academy'.

We got to see the heroes in all their glory last week, and in full, and one of the burning questions that remain is, who is Dolores, and why is Five lugging her around with him wherever he goes?

Number Five surviving the apocalypse with Dolores in 'The Umbrella Academy'. (Source: Screenshot from Netflix)

Number Five, who's part of a household of quirky superheroes, has arguably one of the best powers in the series, in that, he could jump through space or time, albeit not very well when it comes to the time aspect of his power. It is through this power that a frustrated Five decides to leave home when he's 13, and travel to the future, where he discovers that he's the last living person that he knows of.

As mentioned, his lack of skill with his power, was one of the reasons he wasn't able to come back to the past, and this small miscalculation was the reason for his 50-year stay in the future. It is in this post-apocalyptic landscape where Five finds a mannequin, who he names Dolores, to be his life-long partner.

Aidan Gallagher as Number Five in 'The Umbrella Academy'.(Source: IMDB)

Just imagine being the only human alive for 50 years of your life, imagine the loneliness creeping into your soul when you realize that you won't see any of your loved ones ever again, and though you have the power to change it, you can't make use of this power efficiently.

Five saw a friend and romantic partner in Dolores, who kept him company for those 50 years when all he was surrounded by was dust and destruction, with not even the insects to torment him. Five's relationship with Dolores is akin to the one shared by Tom Hanks and Wilson the volleyball in 'Castaway', with the only difference being that Five saw a lover in Dolores, and Tom Hanks, a friend.

Dolores and Number Five as a grown man in 'The Umbrella Academy'. (Source: Screenshot from Netflix)

Dolores was the emotional anchor that would keep Five sane in the desolate planet that he now inhabited. Though it did keep him grounded, Five did start believing that Dolores was his love for all the lonely times he faced. Though his affair with the mannequin didn't help the family believe that Five was sane in any way.

I mean, would you believe a smooth-talking, 13-year-old boy, who claims he's 58 and carries the bust of a mannequin around while preaching that the apocalypse is near? I thought not. Though that is one of the aspects of the show as well, not everything makes sense, but it's still an enjoyable ride.

'The Umbrella Academy' is now available for streaming only on Netflix.