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'Manifest' fans think Fiona cannot be trusted as they feel she's hiding something from the gang

Fiona and Ben have been in the same war but it seems the two are the different sides of the same coin, and Fiona might have agenda.

NBC's Jeff Rake-created show 'Manifest' is off on a long break before it resumes with its tenth episode on January 7, but the long wait has not kept fans from wondering what could happen next. Starring Josh Dallas (as Ben Stone), Athena Karkanis (as Grace), Melissa Roxburgh (as Michaela Stone), and Parveen Kaur (as Saanvi Bahl), the show follows the sudden re-appearance of Montego Air Flight 828, which went missing for almost five and a half years. The mystery deepens when all the passengers return alive, none of them seem to have aged even a day. The passengers get back into their daily world and realize they're now experiencing certain "callings" which seem to be leading them towards one destination. 

The ninth episode saw the Stone siblings rescue the 11 missing passengers who were being experimented on by a dubious group of scientists. The experiments were chiefly based on Fiona Clarke's research of mirror neurons that theorize the brain's capability to take signals from other people and feel the similar emotion in spite of not living through the same condition. Clarke's theory took the shape of clairsensitivity in Cal who was feeling the shock with the same intensity as the rest of the passengers who were being electrocuted to study their behavior. 

Fiona Clarke is keeping a lot to herself. (IMDb)

Although Clarke projected herself as an ally, a recent post by NBC in Instagram has left fans wondering if Clarke is really on this side, or if she is involved with UDS in experimenting on those people. Captioning the post as "Are they two sides of the same coin?" the picture sees Ben and Fiona, as they plan on taking over UDS to put an end to all the experiments. Although Fiona did not showcase any sign of being a threat in the previous episode, fans are not very sure if she could be trusted. One fan has mentioned, "I think the professor is in on it...when everyone else had a headache from the electric therapy she was the only person who didn't...and she was on the plane!"

In the ninth episode when Ben, Saanvi, and Autumn felt the same amount of pain when the passengers were being electrocuted, other than Vance, Fiona was the only one who felt nothing. Even when they were at the lab and Ben, Michaela and Cal struggled to keep their heads in place due to the pain, Fiona felt nothing. Another fan suggested, "Remember Kelly said that when they were being questioned at the hanger? I wonder if those had an effect on what the passengers are experiencing now."

Fiona's behavior certainly makes us question her motives and we feel she surely has something to do with what the passengers are going through since she was also spotted grabbing on to her papers while taking away the passengers to some unknown place. We will probably get to know about her real intentions when the show resumes in January.